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My Iphone locked up last night and I thought it died till I did a hard reset. Power and home button. But do I have to worry that this will keep happening? I made a appointment at the apple store but was going to cancel. any ideas?

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    This has been happening off and on since I got the phone in mid July. At first I thought I was doing something to cause it. Now it seems to be getting worse and is clearly happening when I am not even touching it. Do you get a resolution?
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    bginbstn wrote:
    My Iphone locked up last night and I thought it died till I did a hard reset. Power and home button. But do I have to worry that this will keep happening? I made a appointment at the apple store but was going to cancel. any ideas?

    It happens every once in a while, usually because of a corrupted file. It's hard to track down.

    If it happens again, just do a restore from an old backup. That might clear it up.
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    I am having the exact same issue. It just started yesterday. I thought it was dead but then it came back on after a hard reset. Today, I upgraded to 4.0.2 and then just noticed a few minutes ago it did it again. What I noticed this time is that I saw the screen flash and then go black. When I got it back on, I saw that someone had just called and left a voicemail. So it locked up as the call came in I would imagine.
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    I am having the the same thing twice now, i went back to the apple store and i was told it is not an issue and reset the phone, plug it into itunes restore.
    Not a lot of good when your not at home. i would be interested to know if anyone knows a cause or fix for this problem.

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    I called Apple about my problem and found out that there are more than one potential cause for these types of problems. Solution 1 was to make sure the phone's OS was up-to-date. I did this and it did not help me. Solution 2 was to "restore the phone as new" because of a software glitch. This is the equivalent of wiping the hard drive and reinstalling the software. This means that some data (game data) will be lost. Other data that syncs with other services (contacts, calendar, webmail, etc) will be fine. Before I did this I also cleaned up Itunes. I had the problem of multiple copies of apps from the old version of Itunes. I had never cleaned it out so I took the time to do that first. Apple had me backup the phone (just incase the problem was something else). Then I restored the phone as new. I had them talk me through the process because I didn't want to mess it up. When it was over my phone was like "out of the box" with all my apps, music, movies, etc. I did have to change my personal settings and recreate all my folders. I have not had any repeat (yet) of the problem and it has been 4 days. It was happening multiple times a day. IF solution 2 had not worked then the problem would be assumed to be hardware and I would get a new phone. If you are having problems, I recommend calling Apple to show each step of trying to solve the problem to ensure you can return the phone if needed. Hope this helps others.
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    I had the screen lockup on me once when I was closing out applications in the multitask thing but it only happened once my phone actually rebooted after that
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    Mine does it about every week or week and half. I've been monitoring memory useage with an app and it appears memory is slowly disappearing and when it reaches below 26% is when I approach the danger of it locking up.

    My guess could be an OS memory leak or an application eating memory or memory not getting released. The multitasking seems to be be an issue to me since you can't seem to shut them down as double punching the home button you see them still listed as if they are running.

    So I'm wondering if over time I'm launching enough applications that memory finally becomes a problem and the phone locks up?

    I'm going to continue to monitor the memory useage and see if it is every time I get low that's when I have the issue.

    ... Gary
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    Hi there...
    I just had a lockup too! Looks like they are faulty...
    Just did a hard reset, and it has come back to life....for now anyway
    Wish i had of waited a year or two instead of rushing out
    and buying one outright.
    Of Course Apple are going to deny it all.
    My phones OS is curently up to date....

    Blehhhhh, might go back to Nokia......
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    It is appearing more and more like an OS or application problem in conjunction with memory which is causing the lockups. I've been hitting the home button twice and killing off applications on a regular basis. So far in doing so I've not had any more lockups of the phone, at least so far.

    ... Gary