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So I know about the issues with syncing with iCal but why is it when I add an event on my iPad I'll get five of the same events on my iPhone. ***?

This ***** and its ******* me off!

Mac OS X (10.5.2)
  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7 (34,860 points)
    What issues with syncing with iCal? Works fine for me between my iPhone, Mac and iPad.

    If you are expecting any help though, it may have been useful to mention how you are syncing your iDevices.

    a) Via iTunes

    b) Via MobileMe

    c) Via Google Sync

    d) Via Microsoft Exchange
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    Sorry for the lack of info just a little upset.

    I've always synced using iTunes. Then once I got my iPad I started to use MobileMe. I did discover one error at the beginning and resolved that by turning of sync via iTunes. Then all was good. Then as of yesterday. If I create an event on the iPad I get multiple events on the iPhone. Also, at the same time I created these events on the iPad I created a contact on the iPad. It NEVER made it to the iPhone.

    This fricken thing use to work great. No its extremely broken and making my tools that I use on a daily basis useless. Seems to have gone all downhill as soon as OS 4.0 came out.