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I am using version 2.1.3 of mail. I can add my images to the signature box. When I highlight them and then go to edit - add link: it removes my image and puts the link in it's place. But if I highlight text and do the same thing it does not change my text and makes it a link. How can I get images to be linkable?


G4 Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    See the great post by Zeehond here...

    http://thumped.com/bbs/showthread.php?67266-How-to-make-clickable-link-from-and- image-in-mac-mail

    To insert a link in your Mac OS X Mail signature:

    Type the URL.
    Mac OS X Mail automatically creates links for all web site addresses starting with "http://" or "www".
    To link text or an image in a Mac OS X Mail signature:

    Click in the signature you want to edit in Mail preferences' Signatures tab.
    Press Command-A.
    Now press Command-C.
    Press Command-N to create a new message.
    Click in the message body.
    Press Command-A again.
    Press Command-V.
    Highlight the text or image you want to link.
    Select Edit | Link | Add... from the menu.
    Enter the desired address.
    Click OK.
    Press Command-A once more to highlight all text.
    Press Command-C.
    Go back to the Signatures preferences window.
    Make sure the entire signature text is still highlighted.
    If it is not, click in the signature and press, yes, Command-A.
    Press Command-V.
    Close the Signatures window.
    Close the New Message window as well, not saving the email as a draft.
    Note that such rich-text links will not be present in the plain-text equivalent Mac OS X Mail automatically generates for recipients who prefer to read their mail in just text.

    Or fancier...

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    I tried what was said above and it still turned deleted my image and displayed the link in writing.

    I am wondering if it is this version of mail - 2.1.3 Is it possible this is not a option in this version? When I go to edit - it does not say add link - it says add hyperlink. Is this the issue? I have another computer that is Mail version 4.3 and it is easy to put the image in and make it a link.

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    iirc, I think somebody in the replies did it in Mail 2.1.3 there after a couple of tries.