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Bill Myers Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
o.k....my "bad"...I goofed...I confess :(:(:(
I've never used a "Smart" mailbox. I read what they were able to do and it looked interesting/useful.
I thought I would create an empty one, then mess with the criteria to get messages in there.
I did not note that the Create Smart Mailbox command had already established one criterion...suck up every message from all mailboxes *ADDRESSED TO ME*!! (which it dutifully did!)
So I figured, manually move those messages back to their proper mailboxes, but as soon as I do, SmartMB ***** 'emback in again!
So I figure, change that default criterion to something other than everything addressed to me, but when I do, all of those messages disappear from the SmartMB window!
What I need to do is "turn off" SmartMB's active feature, unitl I can get all those messages back where they belong - - then delete the SmartMB.


Mac OS X (10.6.4)