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    I got my iphone 4 in Febuary of 2011 through Verizon. I have LOVED it. Nowhere near the bugs that other phone with verizon had. I do use my phone alot and at times it can get overheated but I regulary update it. Today out of nowhere I tried making a phone call in a store. It said it was calling but I could hear nothing. I assumed it was the poor service in the store. Then realized tonight when I got home, I could only hear while using the speaker phone or headphones. I tried the trick of plugging and unplugging the earbuds a millions times and out of nowhere it worked!

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    I have been having the same problems people cannot hear me while I am on speaker.  Well I have solved it.


    I took off my iphone 4 screen protector and cut the very top off where it it covering I am not sure if it's a speaker or what (there are 3 things on top (front) of the iphone 4 - 2 are   not   cover and 1 is by the screen protector at the very top.


    I bought new screen protectors tonight and marked and then punched a hole and then put on my new screen protector. So now the top of my iphone screen protector has 3 holes instead of 2.  I have tested it with my husband and well brillant it works - he can hear me perfectly.


    I hope this works for you.  I saw it somewhere before on utube.

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    Had my iphone 4 for months and all of sudden couldn't hear from ear piece.  Followed the advice here of plugging and unplugging headphones/earbuds into the phone and it worked.  The switching from speaker phone and back a bunch of times didn't work, but the plugging and unplugging headphones did.



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    This happened to my dads iPhone 4 and it happened right after he unplug his headphones. So after a while we just decided to plug the headphones in then unplug and now they are working perfectly.

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    Thank you MrCooper.  I feel so stupid  that it was such an easy fix!

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    This happened to me after the latest OS upgrade. I just smacked the phone a few times on the table and now it works again.

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    Well, i brought a new Iphone 4s and suddenly i could not hear anything what the other person was saying. So i tried plugging my earphones a few times in and out, and the voice came back. Try that.

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    Silly was the plastic!!!  I guess you could cut it so the speaker part is exposed... 

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    Here are the facts:  My iPhone4 suddenly stopped letting me hear the caller without it being on speaker or through headphones.  I took it to the Apple Store today, and they gave me a new phone. It is a hardware issue.  Plugging in and/or unplugging the headphones does not work. Neither does cleaning the ear portion of the phone. I tried everything, and the only solution they had a the Apple Store was to give me a new iPhone4.

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    Hi Guys,


    I had the same problem today and tried several ways to make it work again including reset all setting but it did not help.


    However, I tried a trick and it worked.


    Firstly, plug in headphone to your iPhone

    Then call another phone (your brother/sister/friends....'s phone)

    While ringing, keep pressing either volume up or down to make volume higher or lower, and unplug the headphone (with button still being pressed)

    Now, you normal handset is working again, at least for me.


    Hope it will work for you guys too (those that do not plastic on the phone)

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    I bought my iPhone 4 last Fall and today it developed the same problem: I can hear through headphones or speaker but not through the phone ear speaker.  None of the suggested fixes has worked.  Since I'm in a cast at the moment going to a store is very difficult and it's nearly impossible to get anyone on the phone.  For the cost of these darn things you'd thin Apple would be more helpful to its customers.

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    I've had my 4s for a couple of days and I can't hear people either, and yes I have removed the plastic cover, and no I haven't got a screen protector on 


    I'm going to ring 02 and ask for it to be replaced, if it still won't work I'm leaving apple for good. What's the point in having a phone that only works on loud speaker? I may not want the whole world to hear my conversation and private details.


    Apple you REALLY need to sort this out, the phone's features are great but crap for making calls on, a most basic of functions. What a let down.


    Such a school boy error to have made! fix it or I vote with my feet and head to Blackberry or Nokia


    I'm still annoyed at being forced to upgrade because apple stopped the 3g working on the older 3g iphones, yes you did Apple, because both mine and my other half's phones ceased to get 3g permanantly on the same day.

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    I had this problem.  I couldn't hear the person calling me, though they could hear me (=mic worked). Touch sounds and opening sounds stopped working, and I couldn't play music or any sounds from apps out loud - although strangely, ringtones sounded out loud.  Headphone socket worked fine.


    This drove me nuts for 48 hours, and I was left thinking that I was about to have a phone that was never going to function as a phone again.  My local store is an Apple reseller, not a main Apple store, and they were left scratching their heads.  Didn't seem to be a hardware failure, and the combination of fails seemed a bit random.


    Then suddenly, someone left me a voicemail message: and this seemed to trigger a change and all was restored! 


    ...I have no other explanation (apart from possibly divine intervention .....)

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    I want to give my two cents worth about this problem as it happened to me too. I have had my iPhone 4 for almost a year, and the problem suddenly started 2 days ago, so it couldn't be the protective plastic. I read something on this blog about apps that could be the cause of the problem. I started to think about what new app I installed in around the time the problem started. It was Magic Jack, a phone call app. I deleted the app, rebooted my phone. Voilà.

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    I had same problem other person can hear me and I could not untill I put phone on speaker, So I called apple and att but afte going thru the resetting several times, and removing all the software installed.


    I had to ask them to send me another phone,as it was within 30 days,of purchase they send me another phone but again same problem and I was on the phone again, do this and that no soulution . I told the guy it is hard ware issue and then they send me 3rd phone which is fine.


    I belive it is hard ware problem, I wish apple would accept it and announce it and replace without putting people for hold for hrs and going thru unnecessary steps to resolve this issue.


    It is hard ware problem and not soft ware


    So i would suggest you insisit on sending phone back

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