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  • BrandiM Level 1 (0 points)

    This problem just happened to my Iphone and my husbands. Nothing seems to work. It just started all of a sudden. But weird how it is both our phones at the same time. We haven't had them two weeks. They have all ready replaced mine once for other issues.

  • whitepuppy Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried his paper board method. It's very easy to apply, which solved my problem (at least so far so good for today). Really helpful.

  • mapple apple Level 1 (0 points)

    I wonder if everyone experiencing this issue is using a bluetooth headset? I got my iPhone 4s shortly after it came out and had NO problems for a couple of months. After pairing with a Plantronics headset, about a week later, I ran into the issue where they could hear me on the other end, but i couldn't hear them. This is when I wasn't using the headset. Even putting it on speaker didn't make a difference. I got a Belkin Aircast for my car and when i was setting that up, I told the phone to forget the plantronics device. Since then, I have not had the problem. Its been about a week but before this, it was happening all of the time.

  • talos74 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Wasi!!!


    thanks for the tip!!! I tried plugging unplugging the earphone, blowing sucking bashing hitting, all failed.

    Then I saw your post and I remember a discussion I had with colleagues that today's tech companies put a expiration date or bugs on chips to start acting faulty after a certain period.

    Don't ever wonder people how all our computer/printers/calculators bought 20 years ago still work without problem and all the new stuff are useless after 5-10 years?

    Anyway, like you, I bought my iphone4 in November 2010 so as anyone can guess, I am not covered by the guarantee. I did a restart and reload and again nothing. I could hear from the speakerphone or headphones and other people could hear me but the earpiece was dead...

    Then I switched off from the settings=> Time and date the Auto setting and put the date back 2 months.....

    Guess what, IT WORKED. No restart no nothing. I changed the date back to auto and still works. The way I see it, there is some code in the iOS that turns earpiece off after 15 months or so. I wouldn't be suprised if its hardcoded in the chip and combined with the date and some dead code in the iOS to have this 'problem'.


    Thanks again!!! 

  • Wasi43 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanx thats put a really cheesy grin on my face, I'm happy I could share my experience, thank u for responding, bye

  • kimkk Level 1 (0 points)

    You can take to Apple. They will replace.

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    I purchased the new iphone 4 less than two months ago and am having the same problem. I have had intermittent issues over the past 3 weeks with just barely being able to hear the person I'm speaking to on the other end, but this is the first time I've had it completely go silent. I've tried shutting it off several times and nothing has worked. I can hear the other person if I put it on speakerphone, which isn't really helpful when trying to have a private conversation in public. I had this problem with the last iphone model and they replaced it. I'm a loyal Apple user, but it seems as though my last 5 Apple products have had issues serious enough to require replacement. Frustrating.

  • pstromi Level 1 (0 points)



    i had the same problem come up out of the blue.  i solved it by using an air can and blew into the speaker and also the ear bud port.  and voila, i could hear again.  hope this helps.

  • dbrooks23 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had this same problem, AND my phone would get frozen after ending a call.  I took it into apple today and they gave me a replacement.  AND IT STILL HAPPENS!!!!  not as bad as my old one, that one did it for every call.  This one only does it maybe 20% of the time, but still... ***.  what good is an iPhone without the phone?

  • Douglas Kostelnik Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a little experience with mobile phones, done some personal maintenance on blackberries and such. My iPhone receiver speaker went out yesterday. The speake-phone function worked fine, I just could not hear anything through the normal device earpiece. I know that, typically speaking, connections to this tiny speaker are via tiny springs or contacts to the circuit board.


    I first tried plugging/unplugging a headset, then I tried resetting the phone, then restoring it (all of these are official Apple resolutions). Then I tried to blow out the tiny speaker (user suggestion) - nothing worked. I decided that contacts to the speaker somehow got out of alignment, so I somewhat stearnly tapped the back of the phone behind the speaker and different areas around the back and sides of the phone - bingo! it started working again.


    Mind you - I did not bang, hit, smash, wack or otherwise jar the device. I used my fingertip and tapped only on the back and sides of the device where there were no controls or camera.

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    This solution worked for me, great stuff!!! Thanks nhat duy!!!

  • bkrecouzos Level 1 (0 points)

    great solution nhat duy. worked for me.




    As per nhat, this is what you do.


    "Firstly, plug in headphone to your iPhone

    Then call another phone (your brother/sister/friends....'s phone)

    While ringing, keep pressing either volume up or down to make volume higher or lower, and unplug the headphone (with button still being pressed)

    Now, you normal handset is working again, at least for me.


    Hope it will work for you guys too (those that do not plastic on the phone)"

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    happened to me only yesterday.. guess what? the slamming on the table worked!!! =)))

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    Only a week after I fixed my iPhone 4 using nhat's technique it went back to not working.  I tried everything else everybody recommended and it didn't work.  So naturally I went on Google... only to discover how common this issue is. Then I went to Apple Store today (Square One in Toronto area) to see if they will do the honourable thing and replace the phone. Unfortunately they would not.  In fact instead they were rude, which is odd because its my first "bad apple" experience. Bad by how they acted not because they didn't give me a replacement phone.  So what do I do now? Maybe Tim read's discussions? Likely not. 


    I've got pretty much every Apple product there is. In fact made my business an Apple workplace. Really disappointed in Apple right now. I'm not a fan of Android and even though its early windows phone is starting to impress me.  Perhaps its time to try something else for fun.  After all this is how I became a diehard Apple fan.  After getting hed up with Microsoft I said let's try Apple for fun. It's been 5 great years but perhaps the alternatives are as good now... should I try something else?

  • AM_I_DOing_THis_Right Level 1 (0 points)

    I read this in an earlier post and it helped instantly. If you have a bluetooth headset(i used a ps3 version), just connect it to your iphone. Go ahead and make a call and what should come up is an option to use either the bluetooth headset, the speaker phone or the iphone itslef. what i did was choose bluetooth headset initailly(you can try choosing iphone). When it gets to the regular screen which has the mute, contacts and facetime options, it should have an audio source choice(with a bluetooth symbol) as well as the regular chioces. Choose audio sources then Iphone.

    Worked for me. Hope you have the same success.

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