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The box for the 16 GB says it will hold 4,000 songs. However, I have about 2400 songs in my library, and my current iPod 30GB says 17 GB is used. I would like to downsize to a Nano, but don't want to find out after I buy it that I have too many songs to load. I don't do video, but have a very small number of photos/addresses on it, so that won't be using up too much extra space.

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Solved by deggie on Jul 20, 2010 8:48 PM Solved
Your 16GB Nano will have about 14.3 or so GB of usable space due to the way space is calculated by the OS vs. the manufacturers.

The 4,000 song estimate is based on using 128k formatting with an average song length of 4 minutes. If your songs are 256k you will only get 2,000 songs on your Nano, etc. So check the format and file size of your music.