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Ever since I updated my iphone 3GS to iOS 4, I can't seem to import pictures anymore into Picasa. I use Mac OS Snow leopard on my MBP, and prefer to use Picasa instead of iPhoto (here import does work).
Since the update of the phone (i'm pretty sure), every time try to import after it tries to load the thumbnails it gives the error:

"An error has occurred while attempting to import. Either the source is unavailable or the destination is full or read only (1)."

Not sure if it's a Picasa or Iphone error, but either way it's quite annoying, I did find a few similar topics online but none with an explanation let stand a solution (maybe an update is first required).

I've read the error might have something to do with .png files on the phone? I deleted the few screenshots I had, but still. No luck.

Just wondering if some people have the same experience and/or some experts have explanations or answers for this. It's been driving me almost to the point I'm switching to iPhoto, but I got so used to Picasa and love the interface.


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    Hi Scratch009,

    I also have this problem with my iPhone4. I do not think it is a Picasa error because I was able to sync my photos. Just a bit more evidence that it may be the iPhone / iOS is that Windows can not directly extract my videos.

    Black IC
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    it seems like a problem in the iOS4 I assume. I hope they come out with a fix soon. imho It shouldn't be something complicated, it has something to do with the thumbnails (as i read that this happened a while ago as well with previous versions of picasa). But i don't think everybody is affected by it, there should've been more fuss about it, after all there must be a lot of people using picasa (over iphoto) as well. I'm using Mac, didn't know people on Windows had the same issue. So it's a iOS4 - Picasa issue.
    anyways, I have confident a solution will come soon until now I was able to import the files via a different way and move them around... so
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    Any new updates? I'm having the same issue since upgrading to iOS4 and it's getting annoying.
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    Still no news apparently. I'm doing some searches quite frequently. I just bumped into a thread on a google support forum. A google employee who's working on picasa posted some information.
    He says he has trouble simulating the same problem with similar hw/sw... it seems some users are affected, some others with exact same HW/SW versions.. are not. They are working on a Picasa 3.8 release for Mac which will be released 'soon' he mentioned.. but he couldn't guarantee this was going to fix the problem.

    something weird ey. The only thing out of much older posts i found is that a similar error sometimes occurs when png files were mixed with jpg. If you take a screenshot (home button + standby button) with your phone these files are stored as png in the device. but after deleting those I still got the error so...

    hope something will come up soon... I'm helping myself by using iphoto to import.. and moving pic's around manually but it's a bit annoying.. almost to the point that i was thinking of switching to iPhoto completely... but after some investigating on that... I'd feel way to cornered by Mac OS and would miss a Folder Structured tree overview... although it does do a random slideshow of your library... picasa?!
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    this is getting pretty annoying now... it's been 2 months!
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    wow... I was browsing some more on the web, and on a google thread I found a (temp) solution. Open iphoto and browse the pictures that are on the phone. There will be at least one picture which is not showing up and just showing as a white square (i had 3 in my library of 700 pics) you can import those with iphoto and then remove from iphone. Next time you will open picasa import works fine!! (so it has to do with certain formats of pictures or so, the square were 2 pics I imported via an e-mail and one I shot with the phone itself, i think)
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    My Mac is has also stopped importing pictures from my Iphone!

    It thinks the last phots i took were months ago. It duplicate all the old photos and leaves blank previews with grey lines around them.

    I'm not using Picaso - i use iPhoto on my Mac.

    Has Apple buggered up the latest auto update?!??

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    I'm having problem importing photos and video I have taken with my iphone.

    They aren't ones I have saved from emails or from friends.
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    I only found problems when I was using Picasa to import pictures on my iphone to my macbook pro. Never had problems importing with iphoto and ios4.

    I wouldn't say it's just an apple problem (unless you can't import with iphoto). It's picasa not accepting a certain format or file from the phone. Although there is something fishy going on, because the pictures/files that cause the problem, also show up as 'empty white squares' in the preview download pane of iphoto. Once those are removed (you don't lose them, iphoto should be able to import them, and then you can view them), everything should work again with picasa.

    Google is working on a 3.7 release, which I hope they sort some of these things out. In fact, I find downloading pictures from my iphone to picasa always a bit troublesome. I never delete them on my phone, I just like to update my library on my computer. So the preview thumbnails are quite long (almost 1000 pictures), and they are not all showed correctly, nor are they sorted correctly (per date as picasa suggests). I usually end up selecting the pictures manually with shift-click and download them to a correct folder.

    I hope the next iteration of google's picture wizard will have some neat new features (a proper slideshow for your whole collection!!) and updates. cause I don't feel comfortable going to iPhoto all the way.

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    woops... i just found out picasa 3.8 for mac has been released by google more then 2 weeks ago. Just downloading it now and will see what happens...
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    Just downloaded Picasa 3.8 but I am still getting an error when it tries to read the pictures from my iPhone 4. In iPhoto all my pics show up as blank boxes and with Picasa the same thing.