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    The USPS address computer is a major pain the rear. It rejects addresses that do not conform to their standard even though the addresses are correct. Locally, the normal practice for condo addresses are number, unit, streetname.  And that is the format we used on all our credit cards. But now the USPS insists we all change to Number, Street, Unit. Idf this new Apple Security system is tripping up over that, then we are all screwed unless we go through the process of changing number, unit, streetname to Number, Street, Unit.


    Either the USPS has to  be more forgiving of local address customs, or Apple's software has to be aware of this problem in flagging accounts, because it is a lot easier to switch to Androids than to go through the hassles of swap[ping two fields on all my credit cards. iPhone is supposed to make our lives easier and I will not tolerate any smart phone that makes my life more complicated.


    I will be talking about Apple's stupidity on today's talk radio show.

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    I'm working right now with USPS to try and see if we can make any progress in this area. Hopefully we can get this junk out of the way and be closer to fixing the problem

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    I just wanted to thank you. This information helped me out greatly and I was able to access my updates.

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    I got ahold of USPS.


    "Thank you for contacting the USPS Internet Customer Care Center. I apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing and will be more than happy to help.


    All information in our national ZIP+4® database is entered by a local Address Management System (AMS) office. You should contact your local AMS office and describe the problem to them. The AMS office will be able to make any necessary corrections to the national database. These corrections will be reflected in our ZIP+4 locator software. Any changes or corrections will be reflected in our lookup software on the WWW server within 30 - 60 days. To locate the local AMS office, please go to the following link:



    If your address doesn't come up on there you can call the AMS office for your zip code and they'll help get everything sorted out on the USPS address computer. Once that's done, along with all the other stuff discussed in this thread, the problem should be pretty much taken care of.

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    Here is the solutions that worked for ME !!!


    I noticed the same issue when I was updating the free apps!! it should not ask for billing info for free updates...not sure why it does!!!


    What I did was, I first logged into iTunes and updated my previous credit card entry at the billing info. But inspite of entering the right security code, it kept saying that it is invalid...then I chose none for the card type where you choose for visa or master card etc...


    then it only wanted me to enter the address and phone number...make sure you enter the same address and number that is in your iphone account...thats worked.


    Hope it works for you too...

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    I had the very same problem, but my Apps aren't updating (see my "iTunes not updating Apps") so I have been trying and trying and my bank account got frozzen due to over 100 £4.18 charges made in 2 hours.

    All the Apps are free updates so why is my bank account showing £418.00 in total awaiting payment.

    Now Apple may never take this money as it is just a "verify" at the moment but it is very worrying that £418.00 may be taken from my account by iTunes.

    If this does happen I will be on to iTunes for the money back, but why does it do it in the first place.

    I have had to go into the bank to get my account unfrozzen, and I still can't get the updates to work , so it may happen again if I keep clicking the update button.

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    As mentioned in the previous posts, I too was experiencing the same problem with verification. To fix this I called my bank and authorized Apple Inc to make verification requests for that day. When I went back to the verification it went right through. Hope this helps.

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    I am having the same problem I'm trying to update free apps. Why would I verify payment info for that! It only started today. No problems buying or updating before. Would love an answer from apple

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    thanks for the suggestions as my problem matched your description and frustration. I cleared the credit card payment from my mac and signed out of the store, then went to do the same from my iphone 4.. it asked for my CVV and then, also, insisted on my TITLE, i.e. Mr/Ms.. and it went through without having to also clear it!  updated apps on the phone straight away. went back to Mac and it let me buy my wishlist without even signing in again!! Happy days. PS have used secure passwords with upper/lower/numeric for years so know it wasn't that issue...

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    Same issue here while trying to buy Lion. The store keeps asking for credentials to access Billing Information.


    After reading this post I did 2 things:


    1) authorize this computer in iTunes (after which problem was still there)


    2) go to the App Store and view your account details (menu: Store | View This Account) and edit the credit card details. My security code was empty after the credit card number. I filled it in, left all other fields unchanged. Save... voila... now I can download again.


    Hope this helps,


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    I'm finally out of the loop, what worked for me was to change my password into a simple word with one capital and not special things.

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    I was having this SAME problem with and iPod Touch 4th gen I just purchased.    It was driving me crazy.  I went through all of the suggestions I could find on here and although KithKanen mentioned "go to the App Store and view your account details (menu: Store | View This Account)" I still couldn't find how to do that (call me lame) but FINALLY this is exactly what I did that worked, which boils down to the same thing but here are the actual steps after you've synched your device and done all the obvious on the computer:


    1. Go to 'Settings' on your device

    2. Go to 'Store'

    3. Touch your "Apple ID"

    4. The options "View Apple ID" or "Sign Out" come up

    5. Choose "View Apple ID"

    6. Edit payment information

    7. Your credit card verification number is most likely blank because it's a new device.  Enter it.  Click 'Done' (I think, can't see it now because it won't let me in)

    8. Should be all good. 


    Now I will say that I've tried going back to it and that stupid box keeps popping up as if I didn't enter my password BUT I am now able to download and make purchases.  I tried updating my address to make it match the USPS and Google maps, I entered my credit card verification online in the iTunes store while my ipod was synched to the CPU, I changed my password (which now requires one capital, one number, and lowercase.  I never used the capital before and never had a problem on my iPhone so who knows but I changed it because I was at the end of my rope), I made sure it had a title chosen (i.e. Mrs.), and NONE OF THOSE worked.  Or maybe they all worked in conjunction, who knows, but the final straw was what I listed above.  Phew!

  • KithKanen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    so, it seems the solution to this problem boils down to:


    1) edit your payment/credit card information,

    2) fill in any blank fields,

    3) and save it.



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    I have had the same problem and have been unable to find out why this was happening.. I have just found out what my problem was, and it is now working.


    I logged into itunes store on pc, and then went to account details, then change payment details, right at the bottom of there was a note saying that I owed $2.99 for an app purchase, I approved this payment and I am now able to used the app store without being asked to verify my creidt card details.. hope this is helpful

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    Im having the same problem!!! I tried to download several apps and I get a message saying to log onto the apple store from my computer and download it. So, as i'm trying to download this FREE APP, its telling me to put in my security code (on the back of my credit card) and it keeps saying that its invalid. ***. Apple is starting to **** me off....

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