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I am attempting to hook up my MacBook Pro to my TV. I have the DIV to Video output converter that came with the computer. I purchased a S-Video to composite cable from Radioshack. However when I connect my computer to the TV via the cord the output is in black and white. I have tried using the cable in both directions (s-video to composite and composite to s-video) out the the adapter and both out put to black and white. Also the screen changes to weird proportions when I plug in.
Does anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Can you post the exact model MBP you have (since different models have different ports/cables) - it will make it much easier to try to help. Also, the TV model including the ports it has (Component, HDMI, PC input?).

    I'm certainly not an expert in this, but I do know that using S-Video will not result in a reasonable quality picture.
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    About S-Video, there are 2 pairs of pins in the connector. One is the B/W intensity and sync signals sans color, often called Y, like on the yellow cable (which adds color at an offset frequency) and the other has 2 color difference signal in quadrature, I think R-Y and B-Y. It would seem you are missing the color pair. (Because the B/W signal is not frequency limited to allow the offset color signals, it has slightly better resolution than the usual composite.)

    I would look for a bent pin on the cable ends or a pushed-back socket on the chassis sides. I know I had a cable that had been forced/twisted in and the pin just folded and had no contact.

    With a DVI connector as on the earlier MB Pros, I would use a DVI-to-HDMI cable if you have an modern HDTV or just a DVI-to-DVI cable with a TV that expects that. S-Video is miles from the resolution of an HDTV. Sound is best with a TosLink fiber optic.

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    it is a macbook pro 3,1. i purchased it in 2005.
    the tv is a very old mitubishi. it doesnt have HDMI or PC imput only component.

    since s-video doesnt have a reasonable quality picture should I go with a component?
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    i took at look and all 4 pins are in place and intact.

    the tv that i am using does not have HDMI or DVI input. what would you recommend i use then?
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    I'm a bit confused - you say it's a 3.1 and you bought in 2005??? The 3.1 was introduced in mid 2007 and discontinued in early 2008. So, please double check on this. The 3.1 I found has a DVI port. If that is what you have, all you need is a DVI to Component adapter and a component cable - just do a google search, there are many being offered such as this example:

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    oops - I forgot to mention that you'd also need audio cables because DVI does not carry the audio; but all you need are inexpensive red/white audio cables along with a small adapter to go in your Mac port.
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    thanks for your help.
    it is a 3.1 maybe i am mistaken as to when i bought it. so the DIV to component/s-video that the computer came with is a no go?
    this one specifically: http://store.apple.com/us/product/M9267G/A
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    because i have that DVI to component/s-video. I am using a cable from Radioshack that has s-video on one side and component on the other. I have tried both directions and they are both black and white.
    Should i buy just a component cable?
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    The decision is yours to make, but both the other poster and I have said that s-video will not produce a decent quality (more like a very low quality - think "snowy" pictures). Unlike s-video, component produces a reasonable quality picture; and it has three cables (red/blue/green) making connections easy.
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    Good luck using a component connection and thanks for the star!