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I was adding some new songs and organizing my library: i put the featured artist in the song title. I thought it was going to end the problems, by letting the album artist=artist, but the when i was going to check the artists, some of them weren't in order, like Britney Spears between "s" and "t", and Adam Lambert between "l" and "m". it seems that they are organized by the last name, not the first. Is there any way to solve this?

thanks in advance for the help and sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian

Windows XP
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    Well, in English, that would be the correct places for them. Check your local CD store. Brittany Spears is under S. However, you can change to a non-standard sort order by changing the Sort field under Get Info.

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    Is the OP saying that their library is sorting by artist last name? If so that is strange, because although this is commonly done in retail and is pretty standard, it is not how iTunes does it by default (iTunes will do it by the first major word). Regardless though, as Meg points out you can customize what exactly is sorted with the Sort Artist info. (So lets say iTunes sorts by first name as it should, if you wanted it to sort by last name you type Spears Britney in the sort artist field)

    Thinking about it now, maybe if these artists are sorting by last name, maybe there is already info in the Sort Artist field which is making it sort like this. Clearing the sort field would revert iTunes to sort by its default sorting (so example Britney Spears would then go under "B")

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    It would all depend on how the songs were tagged to begin with.
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