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So, I downloaded the new iO to iTunes and updated my iPhone 3G.
This whiped it pretty much clean so now I have to get all apps and reinstall them... again...
But now I'm running into trouble. If I try to sync the programs on iTunes with my iPhone I get a message that I need to Authorize/Authenticate my computer first.
I click to authenticate it and type in my password and immediately gets a message that "This computer is allready authenticated". Ok is the only option here and that brings me back to a renewed sign saying that I need to authenticate the computer.
Repeat in absurdum...

I've tried looking for another update, but iTunes says I've got the latest iO and is happy with that.
I've tried logging out of my iTunes account and log back in again. Restarted everything, over and over.

It just claims that my computer isn't authorized, but still won't let me authorize it since it is allready authorized.

Guess what? I'm getting frustrated. A little...

Anyone know what to do?

PC, Windows Vista
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    did you try deauthorizing the computer? Try that, reboot, and then reauthorize.
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    Thanks for trying to help!

    Tried it without much success though.
    Looked good at first. I was able to unauthorize it and after rebooting all I went in under "store" and authorized it again, witch it did without a hassle.

    But, when I had restarted everything again and tried to sync with me iPhone I still got "Part of the programs in the iTunes library, for instance 'yadda-yadda-app' was not installed on the iPhone unit 'The name of my iPhone' because you are not authorized for them on this computer. You can authorize this computer for purchases by choosing store - Authorize this computer"
    (Translation to english might include minor errors...

    So... Any other ideas on how to sync my iPhone with my iTunes?
    (Oh, and my iPhone has never been jailbroken or anything like that.)
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    Delete your SC folder, reboot your computer & authorize it:

    1. Choose Start > Computer.
    2. Choose Organize > Folder and Search Options.
    3. Click the View tab.
    4. In the "Advanced settings" pane under "Hidden files and folders" make sure that the "Show hidden files and folders" option is selected.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Navigate to the following location by either typing it into the address bar, copying and pasting it into the address bar, or clicking through the folder hierarchy listed:

    C:\ProgramData\Apple Computer\iTunes

    7. Right-click the SC Info folder shown and from the shortcut menu, choose Delete.
    8. Restart the computer.
    9. Open iTunes.
    10. Authorize your computer to play your purchases.
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    Hi Wjosten!

    I'm thinking that we're probably on different systems. I'm running iTunes on a PC with Windows Vista.
    I do have an iTunes folder located at C:\Program\iTunes
    But there's no "SC" folder
    Could it be the "CD Configuration" folder you are refering too? It has some configuration files in it. (gcdrdll.cfg, gcdroem.cfg and gcdrtype.cfg).
    (Yes, I've set my explorer to show all hidden files and folders)

    I've got a bad feeling about removing configuration files through mere deletion though. Feels a bit lite tuning your engine with a sledgehammer.
    Wouldn't it cause iTunes to... ahm... kindof... crash and die?
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    The instructions I provided you are for Vista, have you turned on show all hidden files & folders?
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    Actually, the options you describe with "Organize -> Folder and search options" are not available in Vista but rather in Windows 7 and if you read my post a little better you'll see that I have indeed set my options to show all hidden files and folders.
    But lets move beyond the exact foldernames and how to find them in the filestructure.
    What files is it that you suggest that I should remove? What type of files are they, what are they called, are they many or just a few.
    And most importantly. Why should I remove them and how will it affect iTunes in another way than an uninstall - reinstall would?