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Amar93 Level 1 (0 points)
now i haven't had any of the temperature warnings, but using my phone for stuff like watching video via wifi, or even playing games. the phone gets really hot, anyone else experiencing this? just so i know if i have a problem

iPhone 4, iOS 4
  • 8bitman Level 1 (10 points)
    Same problem here... When using the iPhone4 for watching a movie or playing a game after 10-20 minutes of use the iPhone gets hot. I haven't had any heat warnings yet (hope I don't get one) but compared to my 3G the device heats up more. I think it might be because of the much faster CPU and the materials used to build the iPhone.
  • azts Level 1 (0 points)
    yes I am finding that. is it since IOS 4 update? could it be because of apps running in background
  • Sp1d3rz Level 1 (15 points)
    You gotta b kidding me. Your phone has a micro processor in it. They get hot. There is no way around this. Until appl figures out how to add fans to iphones, they will get hot. Anything with a microprocessor in it will get hot. Im assuming ur computer and video game systems run cool or something?
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    Amar - make sure you quit the background apps as they may use battery & processing power. Double tap the home button and press and hold one icon to expose the red - sign on the top left corner of the icon. gently tap that sign to close that app completely.

    I have noticed that my iPhone 4 runs much hotter than the 3GS. Closing unused apps helps a little.
  • Amar93 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for all the info guys, whats weird is after having it for a couple of weeks, i can run many apps at once and it doesn't get one bit hot

    thanks anyways
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    I purchased a black 16gb iPhone 4 on 6/30/10 and a white 16gb iPhone 4 on 7/7/11. They are completely different heat and battery wise. I am returning the white one to AT&T despite the hefty $60 restocking fee due to the overheating issue. Do not tell me it is the same for every iPhone 4 because my black one is perfect and has never had ANY issues with battery or heat. The phones were the same iOS version, the same settings, yet the white one is more of a paperweight than anything else. Take the advice of someone who has purchased every version of every iPhone since 2G for both lines on my  family account, do NOT buy a white iPhone 4 EVER. It is a complete waste of an upgrade and your time. The black one that is over a year old is still running like a champ. How does a company that began in white not know how to keep it cool?

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    My iPhone gets super hot just sitting on the table overnight. Not in use, just sitting there as I use it as my alarm clock. I make sure I close out any open applications like Facebook, etc. Still happens. Only since the previous update.