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I'm having a weird problem with mouse event handlers on Macs with Safari 4.1 and Safari 5.
My application is using Silverlight 3. It has worked fine on all browsers (Win IE7/8, Win FF, Win Safari, Mac Firefox). But suddenly I'm having this problem only with Safari 4.1 and Safari 5 on "Mac" (Safari 4.0.4 is fine).
I'm not really sure what is causing a problem, but my guess is either CaptureMouse/ReleaseMouse or GetPosition inside mouse event handlers doesn't work.

You can see how it doesn't work on Macs with Safari 4.1 and Safari 5, while it works perfectly fine on all other browsers.

Here's the steps to reproduce:

1. Start Internet Explorer 7/8 or Firefox or Safari on Windows
2. Go to http://ad.gogopin.com/.
3. Click "Get Started" button.
4. After the page loads, click the living room image on the canvas, mouse drag and drop to move around the image. This should work.
5. Start Safari 4.1 or 5 on Macs.
6. Do the step 2-4 and you will see mouse drag and drop is not working properly.

This issue has been reported to Microsoft as well:
https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/577027/mouse-event-h andlers-on-macs-with-safari-4-1-and-safari-5#details

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