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    The guy at Apple Store swapped mine immediately. No hassle. No disbelief or patronising comments.

    Luckily I was able to demo the problem too, as they have in-store WIFI and my friend was with me with his iPhone4 16GB. Maybe that helped.

    Points to note:

    He had no idea about A / B or any other model numbers or hardware revisions.
    The replacement I got was still a 32GB "A" model and the WIFI is fine now (so far).

    Remembering that I was treated with contempt and ignorance by the woman at Apple Phone Support who told me there was "nothing wrong with my phone" apart from maybe I had too many WIFI devices in my house... ^^LOL

    I followed up that call when the email follow up survey came and gave the facts.

    I still think there may well be a later hardware revision but I doubt if anyone will ever truly know, including the Apple Store staff.
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    On 12th Feb 2011 I got an iPhone 4 32GB and i am facing the same problem of wifi.
    Wifi reception works within 1 metre of the antenna but dies very quickly as i walk away. I never get full bars on my iphone 4. On my iPhone 2G 8GB phone and my iPod Touch I always have full network and not only see my network but 3 others network too. Very disappointed after buying iphone 4, even the network keeps fluctuating... Please Assist is it the problem of the software or the phone is faulty.... how can i get it resolve or replaced. I live in Dubai UAE.....Was happier using the 2G iPhone..
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    100% it's the phone in your hand and not the Iphone4. I upgrades to a 4 from my 3gs and the 4 could only find wifi if i was next to it. So i went to the apple store and showed them, and they agreed it was defective. Especially since me 3gs found 15 networks and the 4 only found the Apple store wifi and it was VERY weak. They were going to replace it right away but with a re-furbished model which i didnt want. So he suggested i go back to Telus who sold me the phone and i showed them the problem and it was swapped for a new in box model right away.

    First model was a B and the new one that works is an A.

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    I wonder why no Apple representatives commented on this post?


    Or no guts to accept a part of piece of ... devices?


    I mean it's bull...., my old Iphone 3G gets all wi-fi's and my brand new Iphone 4 2380B nada, and also the bluetooth works very bad with my Plantronics 925, which my Iphone 3G had and HAS no problems with.

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    I found out this thread is every interesting.   My iPhone 4 has same issue, it drives me crazy, at least now I know I am not alone. I have mac mini, iPad, and house mates have least 5 wifi devices, none of them has any wifi weak signal issue, so I can say there is nothing wrong with router, by the way , it's the most advanced router on the market< Ireland >, 100Mbps fibre.  I live in upstairs, so once I get into my bedroom, signal starts  going down to one bar, and most of time is no signal at all.  I was tring to solve this by position my route as near me as possible.  But there is only small improvement , so I believe, physical object , in my case, the wall maybe is the main factor stops signal, also maybe iPhone 4 wifi receiver is not strong enough to pick the signal up, that's why it is so weak, before I relocate my router, there is 0 chance I could use iPhone 4, but after relocate router, least I can use iPhone 4 at some area in my bedroom, so I stop thinking about jailbreak my iPhone , because I know there are apps can enhance iphone4's wifi receiver.  I also believe its hardware issue, cause there is zero difference between different version of ios, even the ewest iOS 5. I really hope this thread could knock apple's engineer head and find a way to fix it.   Maybe never will.  

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    I cam to this thread and read through it quickly.  I just wanted to make my comments about wifi signal any my iPhone 4.  When I am at home, I use my iPhone 4 on my home wifi.  When I leave home, I am still on wifi when I get about a block away if I head east, and a little over a block away if I head west.


    When I am at work I am in a 700,000 sq ft warehouse and use wifi access there too.   can be almost 0.1 miles away from teh uilding and still be connected to their wifi signal using my iPhone 4.


    Yes, when I am at the fringe end of coverage, the signal is very weak and throughput is faster on 3G, but I still have wifi service.  I'm not sure why my iPhone seems to work so well, but my wife's seems to have the same coverage as mne at home.

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    I have 3 x iPhone 4... 2 of them had this problem. Swapped both of them and now they are perfect. No questions asked. Confirmed hardware defect. Apple's QC needs to improve..

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    Hey Everyone


    I've had this exact same problem for a long time too with my iphone 4. Sucked that i realized i had the problem right after my 1 year warranty ran out. Basically same symptoms, right next to the wifi hotspot everything was good, moved one room away it was like i walked 100 yards, wifi signal is weak, moved 2 rooms away and my wifi signal would drop all together. Did everything including update to the latest iOS (4.3.2  at the time) and reset network settings to no avail.


    Anyway i was able to fix my problem. Was reading the iphone 4 teardown on ifixit, and they mentioned that the wifi antenna is at the top right after you take the back cover off. Also was reading on another forum somewhere that mentioned one of the screws were loose and this was the cause of their wifi problem. So from there went to radio shack, bought a set of phillips #00 and #0 screw drivers, following the teardowns on these pages,, and (which both made it sound simple), took the back plate off and tightened the top screw on the wifi antenna (it was really loose in my case) and presto, wifi is working perfectly again. Went to my same back room and i'm getting 4000kbs download speeds again over wifi (where it completely disconnected before). Took almost 6 months but i'm really happy i solved my problem. Hope others can too.

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    I did exactly what u have done, and unexpectedly it WORKS GUYSS!!!! Do just as said on this post, u will get your wifi signal back!

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    Well Done Shaize.  This solved my iphone 4 Wifi Problem also.

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    same here. solved the issue.

    even though it didn't feel loose.

    maybe half a turn of the screw fixed it.

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    Well done. This fixed my wifi problem also.

    The screw was only one quarter loose.

    Thanks again. Matt

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    Solved over here as well - you're the man, Shaize! Thanks a lot!

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    Just tried this - it worked - brillant advice. big headache solved.