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    Go Intarweb...!    What a wonderful screw, (top center) was falling-out loose.   After tighening, the Wifi signal is strong again.


    BTW, it's not necessary to remove the SIM card to get the back off.  For those of you who don't want to watch the video, just remove the two tiny Phillips screws on the bottom of the phone, the SLIDE the back a few mm towards the top of the phone, then lift it off.  MUCH easier to disassemble than previous iPhones!!!!

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    @ Shaize thanks, wasnt sure which screw it was but the one in the middle up top was real loose ( dropped phone alot) , but i tightned all visible screws and my wi fi, that has been weak for months, immediatley popped up! i appreciate your help.

  • markasmith55 Level 1 (0 points)

    i did the same and it fixed mine as well!

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    By the way where's apple's view on this problem...? I have recently bought iphone 4s and by looking at this forum it seems to be a genuine bug with a lot of Iphones. My iphone 4s and Mac book air has the same problem so I switched my router and got an expensive one and guess what...the problem remains. I know that apple will most probably replace the phone but I live in Pakistan where there is impossible to get an authorized apple dealer.


    I found value in Apple products but it has started to change now.... Apple guys I hope you are reading this. Please remedy this...

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    Excellent!  I've been struggling for months with this crappy wifi in my house with none of my other devices or macbook/imac have issues.  The screw was way loose!  Tightened it up and no more issues.  I literally could not be in a different room than my router before!  Thanks!

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    Yup.. Count me in on this too.


    I have iPhone 4, that is connected to an Apple Airport Extreme (5th Gen) and we are talking 3 metres away from the access point, it struggles and jitters from full bars (3 bars) to 2 bars back and forth. Thats obsurd. Here's the awesome part.. I walk up stairs not even 20 metres away into my room and the wifi range just dies to zero to 1 bar...


    Done everything on the router of changing the Airport Extreme from automatic radio channel mode from automatic to manual you name it.. Still no luck...


    Deffo need to check out a post in regards to screwing the back of the iphone in where the atenna is but i have my doubts :/



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    Your welcome


    In some ways while i'm really happy that we discovered this fix it also is a little frustrating to think that something so simple could so negatively impact the experience on your phone. I recently tried this fix again (several times actually) and the last time it seems that it also fixed a battery drain issue i had (i know, i have no clue how tightening screws could/may be related to fixing seemingly software issues but believe me my battery is like back to normal now vs draining by mid day every day for several months. Also noticed that my phone was always running hot but seems to be running cooler now and therefore not on overdrive all day...i digress.). So again while this is a great fix, i agree that Apple should figure out some way to prevent this in future products. With the rumors that the new iphone 5 won't be as accessible as the 4 (meaning the back plate may be more attached to the steel band) if this isn't fixed isn't giving me confidence that if this occurs in the future we'll find some slick way to address it ourselves.


    Here's to hoping to a permanent solution from Apple (and no more battery drain problems either)!!

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    Thanks +1, Shaize.  It solved my wifi reception problem too.


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    Thanks Shaize! Solved my problem too, it's very easy to do.



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    Are there any suggestions as to how I can remove the pentalobe screws from my 4s without a pentalobe driver? Thanks in advance.

  • little1406 Level 1 (0 points)

    The safest way would be to purchase a pentalobe driver and replacement Phillips screws off Ebay.  Search there for pentalobe and be amazed at the number of folks selling stuff to fix your problem.


    Frankly, Apple shouldn't have used those dumb screws.

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    The loos screw isn't apple fault. If you look on the

    IPhone's back panel you will see:

    "designed by apple in California assembled in china"

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    I have having the same issue. My iphone 4 is barely able to catch 3 wifi from the neightbourhood, but my ipod touch catches about 7-8 wifi hot spots. Why is this happening?


    Can the hardware be defective?

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    Go one page back and look at the links that Shaize posted. This could also be your issue with your phone.

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    There is a single screw in the top middle of the phone that often loosens. It connects the wifi antenna to the main assembly.


    I fixed my girlfriend's weak wifi in two minutes.


    You will need a pentalobe screwdriver and a small Phillips.


    Easiest fix ever. One loose screw.