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Somehow when I setup my new iPhone 4, all my photos/videos from my 3GS got synced into my Camera Roll. Today, I had over 2k photos/videos in the camera roll, so I decided to organize them. I sunk everything into iPhoto on my MacBook Pro, and then DELETED all the originals (so they wouldn't be cluttering my Camera Roll). Well now NONE of the videos that were originally in the camera roll are NOT showing up on my phone. I am very irritated and upset, I use photos/videos everyday for work, and NONE of the videos i've taken with my iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 are on my phone. Now I have a few meeting with some clients later this week and need to show them these videos, my job revolves around it. Can someone PLEASE shed some light on this and give me some info on how to put the videos back onto my phone (even if they HAVE to be in "Camera Roll").

Thank you in advance.


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