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at work we have a very fast and reliable wi-fi. now when i got my iphone 3 weeks ago ive used wifi every day and had no problems with it up until now. come into work today and now cannot use my works internet connection on my phone, it keeps trying to use 3g, ive turned 3g off as suggested but now says safari cannot open the webpage as its not connected to the internet, but wi-fi is connected with full signal, contacted my provider yesterday and they suggested i did the latest update which may rectify my wi-fi problem which it did yesterday but now again ive got the same problems,

any ideas


Iphone 3GS
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    First, reset your phone:

    Press the sleep/wake button & home button at the same time, keep pressing until you see the Apple logo, then release(ignore the slide to power off). Once finished, Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.
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    thanks will try it

    will i lose any information like my numbers, apps etc
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    will i lose any information like my numbers, apps etc

    No. However passwords for WiFi will have to be re-entered after you reset network settings.
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    did that and still hasnt worked but says im connected to it, still trys to use 3g
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    I've had a similar problem since upgrading to iOS4 althouigh I have a 3G not 3GS. ie, no connection to wifi. I've called tech support they suggested taking it to local Genius Bar. That I did. That said definately not hardware and to wait for iOS4.01. That I did with no change, in fact I now cant use email.

    The most frustrating thing is that Apple cannot tell me whther a fix is being worked on despite the pages and pages of posts on this subject. Does anyone know if this has been taken up by Apple? You would think that after announcing quarterly net profits of over $3.0 Bn they would invest in some system of letting loyal customer know what updates to expect
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    Also having problems accessing internet on OS4.0.1 3G iPhone since the 4.0.41 upgrade. Safari app buttons don't do anything but all other app buttons work. Going to Genius Bar tomorrow hoping for a fix.