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Recently I went into my camera roll and noticed that 2 of my photos were missing. I didn't think I'd deleted them, so I took a look at the phone with "iPhone Explorer".

I went into the DCIM folder and the PhotoData folder and in both of these folders, I can find the missing photos and their thumbnail files.

So I synced my device with iTunes thinking that would clear up the problem, but it didn't. I then took a look at the device again, and again the files are there. I then wondered if iTunes was able to see them and back them up, so I open up iPhone Backup Extractor and grabbed my latest backup, low and behold I could locate both the photo files and the thumbnails, but they're still not showing in the camera roll.

I then fired up iPhoto to see if it could find them, but it couldn't. They don't appear along with the rest of the photos.

It sounds to me like the database with the photos information has been corrupt, but only for these two photos.

Before I try to restore from a non-corrupt backup and lose even more of my photos and all my music (which I can put back on, but it's a real pain), does anyone have any ideas?


MacBook Pro 15.4 2.66GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.2)