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Go the classic CD stuck in optical drive last night on a 2009 Macbook Pro.

The only way to fix this is to lift the keyboard up so that the screen is on the desk top. Then eject from this position.

The question is why does a brand new mac book pro only eject when turned 90 degrees away from normal operational position?

Macbook Pro 17" mid 2009 2.8GHz 8GB, Mac OS X (10.6.4), Bootcamp Vista, iPhone 3GS, 2TB Time machine, 1TB WD My Book Studio HD
Solved by eww on Jul 22, 2010 9:38 AM Solved
Because it has a defective or misaligned optical drive. Have it sorted out under your warranty.
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    Because it has a defective or misaligned optical drive. Have it sorted out under your warranty.
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    It all ready booked in for a visit tomorrow afternoon. Here is the strange bit....

    It ejects DVDs just fine but my music CDs get stuck. They can only be ejected at 90 degrees. !?!

    So whatever the problem is it depends on tiny variations in the disk. I suspect the problem is with the slot dust cover whilst the optical dive is mounted correctly. However lets hear what the store staff think tomorrow. I am not going to play with the problem anymore in case it gets worse.

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    Well the Genius Bar thought it was strange that I have to tilt the machine to eject some disks.

    There is a scratch in the casing on the edge of the port. However after a closer look that is not the primary cause of the ejection port failing. They came to the same conclusion that it was caused by the dust cover. They took the case apart and the optical drive underneath is fine. The dust cover must be just off centre by a tiny amount.

    I think this problem does appear in old mac books that are out of warranty if the rest of the internet is to be believed. It just one of those things that people learn to live with and they don't report to Apple very often.

    Unfortunately they cant get the parts to fix it locally and I cannot wait a week for the parts to get shipped. I have to travel soon to another city. So the computer has been handed back to me for now and the serial number reported as belonging to defective computer. It still works fine but now and again the optical dive needs a bit of extra help to eject a disk.

    I am booked into another store so we see how that goes.
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    I when into another apple store in Glasgow. They typed in my serial number after I explained the problem. They said sure give us 10 minutes and we promise to sort it out.

    10 minutes later the optical drive was 100% fine. Problem solved.
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    Good news, ALW.