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I just received a brand new iPad as a gift yesterday (best. gift. ever, btw)

I registered it, synced it, and charged it fully and used it all day yesterday with no issues. This morning, while using Safari, the browser started controlling itself. It began zooming in and out, scrolling up and down, opened up a blank browser page and started switching between the website I was on and the blank website. I hit the button to return myself to the home screen, and this screen was also controlling itself! It scrolled from side to side and was shaking. I locked the iPad, waited a few seconds, and then unlocked it. The screen had stopped moving itself.

I re-opened Safari, closed the browser page I was on, and tried to continue web browsing. After a minute or two of no issues, the problem started again! I don't know what is causing this.

One theory I have - the iPad is around 20% battery life. I have never had any issues on my iPhone with it "freaking out" due to low battery life, but could this be the issue with my iPad?