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Problem: When a Netflix movie streams to my BluRay wireless-capable DVR, I get maybe five minutes of the movie, then an error message saying "can't connect to Netflix".

The TV set is in a room about 70 feet from my original Airport Express, which I use in a home office as a wireless network between my two computers (Mac mini running 10.4.11 and a Windows Vista laptop). Through AE the two computers share an internet connection and a printer.

To get Netflix movies, on Apple's advice I bought a second AE to extend the signal range and placed it about halfway between my home office setup and the room with the TV. The distance, as I said, is about 70 feet across four rooms.

Neither Netflix tech support or LG tech support has provided a solution despite several calls to each.

Any ideas?

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I'm not the best to try and answer this, but it sounds like to me the is something in your home that can interfere with you wifi signal (wireless phones, electrical interference). My Airport Express is set up in my living room and my neighbors 150 feet away can access my wifi, with no drop in signal.
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    It doesn't appear to be a problem with the signal. A friend brought his laptop into the room with the TV/DVR and got a strong signal. I'm beginning to suspect that a defective wireless antenna inside the DVR may be the problem. I have a call in to LG about this.
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    I just bought a newest Airport Extreme, because the AirPort Express would drop to my newest MacBook Pro using WiFi and viewing a NetFlix instant/streaming movie. My Airport Express would only cover a small part of my house. At work, we have an older Airport Extreme and it covers a huge area! So, I was thinking I'll buy a newest Airport Extreme and get great coverage throughout my house and NetFlix will stream perfectly!

    Unfortunately, I get pretty much the same results with the AirPort Extreme as my old AirPort Express!?!?!? I don't get good coverage throughout my house and NetFlix drops!?!?!? THe error is something like (from NetFlix), "dropped internet, testing and will reset to lower quality for uninterrupted viewing".

    So, the Airport Extreme didn't help at all? I see a strong signal, but still get dropped Netflix.

    Funny thing is, If I use an old Xbox wireless adapter and connect to my Motorola modem/WiFi router, the movies stream fine and I get a good signal throughout the house!?

    I would much rather be able to use the built in Airport card on my newest MacBook Pro and the Airport Extreme....

    Any ideas?

    What settings should I change from the default Airport Extreme settings?

    Thank you.... (anyone?)
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    I never was able to get wireless streaming of movies to my TV. So I had a consultant in, and he changed my set up from wireless to Ethernet, with the aid of two boxes that plug into electrical wall outlets and connect to the TV and to my existing Airport Express. Since then I get my Netflix movies with no problem.