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I just have a question on push instant messaging. Does the Iphone 4 support this? For example, if I sign into gtalk, msn messaging, AIM, etc. and someone send me a message through these services, will I be able to see it instantly?
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    Ever since push (no need for latest OS) was available, there are tons of IM apps that have been working just fine. Yes if somebody IM's you, you get the notification real quick.
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    Yes, push notifications are sent for IM apps such as AIM and many others. You can also disable this feature as I do when I'm home. (The notifications start to annoy me because they sound the same as texts)
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    macguy90 wrote:
    (The notifications start to annoy me because they sound the same as texts)

    Well that depends on app, since the app developer can choose their own sound for the push notification.
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    Thanks guys for the quick response.
    My other question is a little stupid but does IM counts toward your text messaging? I know it's a data-type service so it should charge your data usage but AT&T stated in their messages plan. I'm not planning on getting the unlimited txt msg plan so this does matter to me.
    "Message any way, to anyone in the U.S. Send and receive 1500 text, picture, video, and Instant Messaging (IM) messages. Additional messages are 5 cents each."
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    The only thing that counts as SMS are SMS messages. Everything else is data.