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    Thank you for using the program and recycling your computer and a big thank you for taking the time to post your positive experience here.
  • abcApple Level 1 Level 1
    *Pasted below is my result (just sent to me via e-mail) and it was revised to $0.00 - the DVD was working when it was sent to them. With this said, I believe they are in the business to sustain/preserve themselves as an organization and will not [the majority of the time] honor their original quote. Be careful as this may not be the route for you...*

    AUDIT COMPLETE: The PowerON Reuse and Recycling Quote XXXXX was successfully audited; however, our audit technician has notated a discrepancy with what was declared as the item(s) description or condition resulting in a revised quote value.
    Listed below are the discrepancies:

    Quoted Actual
    Model Intel Pentium M 2.5 - 3.0 GHz Notebook Pentium 3 1.0-1.09 GHz Notebook
    Item Condition Excellent Poor
    Item Value $78.70 $0.00
    Audit Detail
    Defective DVD Drive

    To accept or reject the revised quote value for Quote XXXXX, simply reply to

    PowerON Customer Support Team
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    Mac OS X
    Hi abc, and welcome to Apple Discussions.

    A few things I'm not clear on:

    Their original quote/best case scenario was $78.70?

    Why wouldn't you sell it on eBay, or for parts, for more than that?

    If that's what they quoted you, and now they won't give you that, why not just have them ship it back to you free of charge (as they said they'd do in earlier posts in this thread)? And then sell it for more or donate it and take it as a tax deduction (worth more than $78.70)?

    I know I'll never use this service, so it doesn't matter to me in that respect, but it sure would be nice to have accurate, unbiased information posted here for those who do want to use it.
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    I just accepted a quote from PowerOn.

    It was quote number 96880. It was for a Mac Pro 1,1 vintage 2006. It was model MA356LL/A, which is a quad-core dual 5100-series ("Woodcrest") Xeon 3.0GHz, about 4 1/2 years old. It had 16GB of DRAM, the most that particular model could take.

    I used it constatnly with few problems the entire time I owned it. I had (2 years ago) upgraded the video card from the original ATI very hot card to an NVIDIA 8800 model Apple was selling especially for the Mac Pro 1,1. Apple's original 500GB hard drive failed last year, and I had replaced it with a Seagate 1TB drive that as of two weeks ago reported no errors or problems and no replaced sectors or pending bad sectors in the SMART utility. This 1TB drive was in the machine when I sent it to PowerON, the original bad drive had long since been recycled.

    I upgraded both original Apple "superdrives" with (now discontinued) Pioneer 117D's, which were essentially in brand-new condition.

    This computer was far from new, but it was still serviceable and was working just fine when I secure-erased the disk and re-installed Snow Leopard before shipping it to PowerOn on the 9th or 10th of September (i.e. less than two weeks ago).

    Power-on's original quote based on my description of the machine as "good" was $740.54.

    Power-on's "audit" determined that the condition of the machine was "poor" due to what they described only as a "defective system board". Exactly what the defect or problem was, was not specified. No further details were given. I have no idea what problem they discovered. I know the machine was running when I sent it to them. It's entirely possible that an exhaustive hardware probe turned up a problem of which I was unaware...but it would certainly have been nice if they had bothered to tell me what it was. It was a running computer with a lot of memory.

    After the "audit", Power-On revised their quote down from $740.54 to $215.88.

    I accepted it mostly because I just don't want to mess with it any more. I have my new Westmere 6-core mac pro installed (and I love it, by the way), and don't feel like wrestling with any more 60-lb boxes. If I had them ship the old computer back, I would just have driven it to my local recycling center. I don't like ebay, especially with used computers. I think that this attitude is common, and that PowerOn and similar enterprises rely on it.

    I make no judgment or generalization about PowerOn. I am simply providing all the information I have concerning my own single recent transaction.

    I personally would not use PowerON's service again, but this is just one person's experience.
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    I will not use PowerOn again because of their lack of communication. I have been patiently waiting on my audit but it has yet to come and my computer was delivered to them almost 4 weeks ago. My first email was answered quickly but my last one has yet to be answered.
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    The quotes I got for a couple computers I have are silly low and are easily blown out of the water by looking at some closed auctions on eBay.
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    I have to agree with all those who conclude that PowerOn's business practices are highly suspect. They seem to be no more than a bait and switch operation.

    In my case, I sent them my Mom's iMac G5. In perfect condition - my mom had only ever used it to check email. Never any problems. Their original quote was $132.17. Upon receiving the computer they changed their offer to $47.97, claiming the computer was in "poor condition".

    It surprises me that Apple would risk sullying their brand by associating with these scammers. In the very least, I think Apple should investigate what these guys are doing, because it is not right.

    Conclusion: do not use PowerOn to recycle your computer - they will cheat you.
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    In defense of Power ON, you have a choice of accepting the amount they give you after their assessment of your machine, and they ship the computer back to you for free if you decide that you are unhappy or if there is a different amount. They also provide shipping supplies (Which includes foam, the box, and a shipping label) for computers that have value on the web page. I got quotes from a lot of different buy back programs but none of them offered to pay for all the materials needed to ship a computer.

    I didn't get the full amount on the website, but they explained why in an email, and it made sense.

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    I got a quote from them yesterday for my mac mini of 212 dollars and some change. When I received the confirmation email from them later and clicked the link I couldn't find the quoted dollar amount anywhere. Even though they just sent out the packaging materials to me today, I am hesitant to use the service if I can't even access the original quote. I am skeptical of any service that has you send in your computer especially if they don't provide you with any proof of the quote. The only other option is that I am just not looking in the right place. Any suggestions or advice? Should I avoid this service altogether and just try to sell it on craigs?
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    We recently looked up Apples recycle program contracted by Poweron Services Inc. After accurately describing our unit and receiving an offer of $352.17 we received their approved shipping container and label. We packed and shipped as instructed. After about a week or so, we get an email with photos of some computer with horrible damage and an offer of $59.00. This is not the condition of the unit we sent them, there was no damage at all and the unit ran. I spent 1/2 a day using the unit and have several witnesses to this effect that saw me use and pack the unit. After several inquires these kind of problems seem to be a pattern with this company. And what would I gain by sending them a unit that was in such bad condition and lie about it? I challenged there findings and they offered me 94.00??
    We did take the money assuming that if we had it shipped back that we would be left with a now damaged unusable unit.
    Something happened to this unit after it left our hands and as Poweron stated there was no shipping damage. Several things ring as suspect behavior. 1.There are several complaints of this nature against this company. 2.The nature of the scratches in the photographs provided by Poweron are clearly suspicious they look intentional. I am not sure how something like that would even happen.And I would certainly not send a unit out in that condition and expect full payment?? 3. I also find it strange that after questioning them about this that they offered me more money so they didnt have to send it back?? A whole 94.00 still much less than the original quote.
    Apple needs to address these complaints they are responsible for the quality of the vendors they use.
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    Whatever you do, do NOT use PowerOn for recycling purposes. Kiss your Mac or computer goodbye once you send it off. I sent a MacBook in a couple weeks ago and I have not heard anything back from them. I have tried contacting them only for them to tell lies, "oh, it will be another 2 weeks", sounds like a broken record. First of all, it takes forever for them to send the packing materials, especially if you are on the east coast. Second, the packing box itself has been used quite a few times, not exactly what I want to put a pricey piece of equipment in. Thirdly, you get an e-mail from them asking where the equipment is even if you haven't receied the packing materials yet! Forth, it takes forever!! I am a month and a half in and there has been no progress whatsover from their part. All I can say is, this is a scam and I will be filing a legal report.

    To sum it all up, they get your computer. They keep it and don't give it back. It is a scam PERIOD! Beware of this service. I can not believe Apple allows them to advertise on their site.
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    This program has been successfully running for nearly a year, with thousands of computers processed and gift cards fulfilled to satisfied customers. The reason for this success is our ongoing dedication to excellent customer service. While customers have complete control of this process and may choose to accept a quote or not, and have their unit returned to them at no cost, less than 2% have been dissatisfied with their final quote and have chosen to have their computers returned.

    While we can appreciate that our happy and satisfied customers are less likely to post about their positive experience, and every company has its critics, this post is of concern to the team at PowerON.

    It is our assumption, since the ‘legal report’ the author mentions has yet to be received at PowerON, that this customer did indeed either receive a gift card for an amount they approved, or their unit returned at no cost to them. If this is NOT the case, this customer should contact PowerON and request to speak to the program manager as soon as possible.
  • PowerON Services Level 1 Level 1
    As we explained in several emails to this particular customer, the reason for the deduction of this quote was for the defective system board, not the cosmetic scratches on the case. As for the photos, we explained how we take photos of any damage at extreme close up and because of this, some scratches may appear more extreme than if you were seeing the scratches in person. We followed up with this customer with new photos showing that indeed the damage to the case was insignificant and the unit did not incur any shipping damages. We even offered to return this unit and cancel the gift card he had already approved. He opted to keep the $94. If a customer is ever unsatisfied with a quote, we offer to send their unit back at no cost to them. This is at an expense to PowerON – the costs of human resources to process the return shipment and the cost of actual shipment, it was in an effort to mitigate these costs that we offered this customer additional money.
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    Thank you for your post and for appreciating the value of our shipping solution!
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    I didn't check this discussion board before I sent in my computer to PowerOn. I haven't had a negative experience like other reviewers, and I do understand PowerOn's comment that the users do not post the positive experience as often as after the negative experience. So, I wanted to share my experience with PowerOn.

    I have recycled two computers. (I am waiting for the price after the audit for the second one right now but the recycling of the first one is completed). I sold Apple iMac G5 1.9 GHz 17" iSight (MA063LL/A) for $143.87. I understand that this is not much (and in fact PowerOn is selling this computer for $409 on their website). I could have brought it to the local BestBuy to get different estimate or tried to sell it on eBay but selling to PowerOn was just less hassle for me. They send you materials, you just pack it, and drop it off at FedEx. Because of the shipping back and forth, it does take time. So, I would not have used it, if I had needed the money immediately. Still, I am happy that I received the gift card with the price that was quoted initially. (I used the price quote page just to make sure that the price of the gift card matched with the initial quote. ) I will update my experience with the second computer once I receive the gift card.
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