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    I trust that Apple would choose a reputable partner so I did not hesitate to send an old 17" MacBook Pro that I have rarely used to PowerOn. I have 2 macbook airs and a new 15" macbook pro. The 17" is becoming a dust collector.

    Here's the original quote, given how I know the condition of my laptop:
    Model: MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz 17" (T7800) (MB512LL/A)
    Item Condition: Excellent
    Item Value: $753.30

    The audit result:
    Model: MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz 17" (2008) (T9300) (MB166LL/A)
    Item Condition: Fair
    Item Value: $653.25
    Audit Detail: LCD Pen Mark (picture)

    The process from shipment to audit was a good two weeks. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the return.

    I could not accept a quote that was already less from what someone was willing to pay for it. I just don't like selling things to friends; I'm not comfortable with it. Taking off $100 for a pen mark on LCD was little much. $20 would have been understandable. But it's now a matter of principle, knowing that my laptop was well-taken care of. If I'm not getting the originally quoted amount, the laptop is better off being donated to a charity. The tax deduction I'll get will be way worth it--not to mention that some school kid will definitely have a great use for it.

    Hope this experience helped others. It was not a bad experience in my opinion. I just could not resolve, in my mind, the price difference as a result of the audit.

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    I just completed the trade in process for my Apple Mac Pro 2.8 GHz 8-Core (5400 Series) (MA970LL/A). I hope this info is helpful to someone looking to recycle something that has a high(er) trade-in value.
    First, I was nervous about putting my machine in a box and sending it away somewhere and there is not a lot of info on the turn-around time… so I stayed nervous throughout the process.

    My timeline:
    Product Received at Audit Facility: Mar 25, 2011
    Audit Complete: Apr 04, 2011
    Audit Accepted: Apr 04, 2011
    Apple Gift Card Mailed: Apr 05, 2011
    Apple Gift Card Received: Apr 08, 2001 via FedEx

    There was no communication from the time it was received to the 6 business days later--when it was “accepted.” This was fine, but I was not sure what to expect. If I could make any suggestion, it would be to add a line to the link that has an anticipated audit complete date. Or a date range.

    Also, regarding the box. It worked and the packaging was correct for my machine, but the quality of the box was fairly poor and it ripped at the handles when I picked it up (packed). I had already placed the pre-paid label, so I did not do anything about it. However, if I were to do it again – I would have paid to double-box it, THEN place the shipping label. All was well, though, and it arrived fine.
    That’s it.
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    I recently received a revised quote for the computer I sent to PowerOn. It was 2008 white macbook, in what I considered good condition. The battery wasn't working and there was minor chipping around the edges (which I understand is a common problem with this model) but I mentioned the battery when creating my original quote so that should have been factored in. The original quote was for approximately $280, but when the audit was complete they said that my computer was in 'poor' condition and were offering me only $99.


    Since this is a pretty large difference, I checked all their reasons for such a low price. The reasons were such things as the chipping I mentioned and the dead battery...but there were also things like 'hair line fracture' to the body and 'light spots' and the most troubling 'Scuffed LCD Display (Greater Than a Dime)'. This last one was accompanied by a picture of a computer screen that looked like someone had jabbed a pen at it repeatedly. I know for a fact that my screen was in no such condition. After reading some of these other posts I started to worry about this company. As for the light spots it was just a picture of a computer screen with a mouse pointer...I couldn't really tell what they were talking about...but my point is they were pictures of the same screen yet the scuffs were not on the picture with the mouse pointer. Now maybe the hairline fracture occurred during shipping...or maybe I just never noticed it...but the scuffed LCD screen could not be a result of a shipping problem and I certainly don't make a habit of jabbing my computer screen with sharp objects.


    Overall, I'm pretty disappointed and more than a little suspicious of this business and like many of the others on this post I'm surprised that apple would work so closely with a company like this. I accepted the low quote only because with the current screen damage I found it hard to believe I would get a better deal elsewhere, and like many other people have mentioned...that is my choice. They would send the computer back at no charge to me if I wanted them to...but all things consider I don't want the hassle. 


    My advise to people who are considering using this service for their old computers: take a lot of detailed pictures of your computer before you send it in. That way if anything similar happens to you, you can have proof that your computer wasn't damaged in that way before you sent it in. Maybe my experience would have been better if I had.

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    I read terrible things about online recycling companies but hoped Apple would use a legit one.  Well, I just got a revised quote for the iMac G5 I sent in to PowerON.  They downgraded it from Excellent to Fair, claiming it failed an ASD test.  Not something I could test before sending it, and certainly not something they have you rate when you choose what condition the machine is in, so I can only go by the fact that I had no problems with the computer whatsoever before I sent it. So now I have no way of knowing if they're just lowballing me or if there is a legitimate problem that I didn't know about.  After reading the comments here about PowerON and reading reviews of other recycling companies, I've asked them send me back the computer.  I can only hope they send it back without any damage.  I'd rather donate it to a school than feel like I'm getting ripped off.  I won't bother with online recycling programs again.

  • PowerON Services Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for your feedback.  PowerON is committed to the environment, which is why we choose to reduce, reuse and recycle our shipping materials. With that said, your concerns are of importance to us, and your post was brought to the attention of our logistics manager.  While he explained that the heavy duty foam within all the double walled boxes we send for Apple equipment is what gives the materials its durability, I can understand anyone's reluctance to place valuable equipment in what they may consider is an unsatisfactory container. Because of your valuable feedback we are reviewing our logistics process and how often we choose to reuse a box. I hope, should you choose to use the program in the future, you will be satisfied with the changes made.  In the time being, should anyone receive a box they are unsatisfied with, please contact a a PowerON service representative.

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    I just completed the audit process with PowerOn Recycling, and after reading all the good and bad comments regarding the company's audit process, I thought I would share my experience.


    On April 17th I received a quote of $173.12 for an Apple iMac Core Duo 1.83 GHz 17" (MA199LL/A) that I rated as being in excellent condition.


    On April 25th I received the shipping materials (they're shipping from Sacramento, CA and I'm in Cincinnati, OH).


    On April 27th I dropped my package off at my local FedEx Kinkos store at night after pickup hours. As a result, it did actually begin to travel until the night of April 28th.


    On May 4th, my package was delivered to PowerOn in Sacramento, CA.


    On May 5th, I received an e-mail informing me the audit was complete and the dollar value granted was that of the quote, no acceptance was necessary since their offer was the same price as the original quote. Additionally, I was informed that my payment information had been sent to Apple for processing and most requests would be processed by next business day and shipped.


    On May 6th, I received an email from Apple that my gift card had shipped and would arrive by May 12th.


    Overall, I think the process went rather smoothly. From the time of my quote till I receive my gift card it will be around 25 days. Of those 25 days, about 14 days were spent with the shipping materials and then my iMac in transit. Another 5 days or so will be spent waiting on receipt of the gift card. So in total, I don't think the time waited was all that bad considering 19 or so days will amount to travelign time. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that within 48 hours of receipt of my iMac, PowerOn had completed the audit and payment was being sent.


    A couple notes. First, my iMac was older (5 years since purchase) so its dollar value compared to Macs only a couple years old is quite less. Secondly, I did follow PowerOn's instructions, removed all my data and transferred it to DVD-r discs. Additionally, I went the extra step to actually reinstall the original OS X 10.4 so that the iMac was basically in the condition on the day I took it out of the box and did not contain any passwords and none of my personal files. I did this for my own privacy, as well as to make the audit process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.


    Overall, I'm satisfied with the process and got what I wanted out if it, which was namely a decent dollar value to put towards a new MacBook Pro.


    Hopefully everyone will have as easy of an experience dealing with PowerOn as I did.

  • PowerON Services Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for posting the details of your positive experience -  and thank you for choosing to recycle your computer responsibly.  We hope you choose to use PowerON's services in the future.

  • NJ Ron Level 1 Level 1

    Wow, thank God for research that can be done on the Internet and the fact I found this thread.


    I was thinking of sending my 2009 Macbook Pro to PowerOn, but after reading all the complaints about how they shortchange their estimates (and this is not the only thread with complaints), I decided I am better off just selling my computer outright.


    It's a shame Apple has aligned themselves with a company like this and that there are so many unhappy customers sprinkled with just a few satisfied.

  • PowerON Services Level 1 Level 1

    99.8% of our customers who have used this program have been satisfied with their trade, and we have serviced well over 30,000 customers in the past year.  Part of this success is the fact that using this trade-in program is at no risk to the customer. Should a customer be dissatisfied with the amount offered after final auditing, we happily ship the customer their computer back at absolutely no cost to them. As I am sure everyone understands, happy customers are less likely to take the time to post about their positive experiences, which is why we try to acknowledgethe ones that do. It is, of course, disappointing to get a negative comment from someone who hasn't even tried the program, so we would encourage anyone 'researching' trade-in programs to give our customer service representatives a call. They would be happy to answer any and all questions and explain our ongoing commitment to customer service and computer reuse.

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    I was in the market for a new iMac but didn't have the cash when I found out Apple and PowerOn had this program. Not only was it a lifesaver for me, it was fast, easy and painless. I was about to get an estimated quote before sending it off and the money I got back on a 1st gen aluminum iMac made it feasible to buy anbrand new one.


    Nothing but good things to say about the entire process. Mark was super responsive with any questions I had, and when it looked like I would miss the return ship date to them for a huge project, they extended the deadline and worked with me.


    Great program, great people, great to have the cash for recycling instead of trying to fuss with eBay. Would definitely go through the program again.



  • PowerON Services Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post about your positive experience - and thank you for recycling your computer!  We have shared your comments with our entire team and gave special Kudos to Mark. It is because of the customer service team we have in place that makes this program so successful and it's great when they hear it directly from our happy customers!  Thank you again and we look forward to being your service provider of choice!

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    I had participated in PowerOn's recycling program by enrolling my Mac Mini Core 2 Duo 2 GHz. The price quoted online was $292.37. The shipped product reached them on 1st Jun and I received an e-mail on 7th Jun stating that the video port is defective. I was offered $73.97. I know that my Mac is in excellent condition. I hook it to my HDTV and use it without any problems with the display. And so I rejected their offer and asked for the product to be returned immediately. I received it after about a week. I ran Apple Hardware Test to find out if there was a problem and it came out with none. I have continued using my Mac Mini and have been unable to witness any problem. So I infer that PowerOn is not trustworthy.

    I have decided to sell my Mac Mini on eBay once Apple releases Lion and I can buy the Mac preloaded with Lion. I will never advice anyone to try using the Apple recycling program. Apple is better off partnering with some other vendor that is reliable and truthful. Perhaps Apple should initiate much frequent review and inspection of products where people have rejected PowerOn's quote. They might then decide to break their alliance.

  • NJ Ron Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you Niemrus,


    ...and now PowerOn understands why those of us who haven't yet used the company, are choosing not to.


    There are too many highly negative complaints on this board about the practices of this company.  Each of them is responded to with the same tired old "spiel" from the manufacturer that reads more like an advertisement than it actually addresses the complaint. 


    I am going to personally contact Apple and ask why they are still dealing with a company that has a high record of complaints --- especially people that have sent them perfectly good machines only to be told they are not working perfectly or they somehow come back in worse condition then sent.


    And, yes, this comes from somebody that has not used the service.  As unfair as PowerOn might think that is, can you honestly blame me after reading all these complaints?

  • ShineAgain Level 1 Level 1

    I am both disgusted and angry with these guys.  I sent them a MacBook Pro that really is in excellent condition but received a "poor condition" offer of $75.  Suddenly my perfectly good computer has a defective touch/track pad, a bad hinge, and a latch that doesn't shut.  Give me a break, that's simply a lie.  Not only is this computer in excellent condition, it has a ton of upgrades in it including a newer 'higher capacity' hard drive, expanded RAM, a year old battery, and new fan motors.  Their assessment is a rip off...I wouldn't go near these guys.  I would sooner play frisby with this Mac than give it away to these people.  Shame on Apple for not keeping closer tabs on businesses they refer their long-term loyal customers to! 

  • PowerON Services Level 1 Level 1

    This post has pointed out some key points to this process that is beneficial for anyone looking to trade-in or buy used computers. One, I am delighted to see the swift work of the auditing team; completing an audit and sending an email notification within 7 calendar days of receipt. As I am sure everyone understands, this service is provided with a profit in mind.  It is at a significant expense to send the high quality, re-enforced packaging materials and offer free shipping. It is at an expense for each staff person auditing and testing these machines, and even more of an expense to provide more free shipping materials and free postage to return a computer if a customer is unhappy with their quote. With that in mind, if a machine does not pass the testing in place, we can’t, in good faith, sell this item to any customer even though it has cost us to receive and assess it. With this particular unit, the tech noted that the video port was loose, which resulted in changes in color and quality of the display. The customer is out zero dollars and according to this post, received their unit back within 7 days at absolutely no cost to them. This customer agreed to these terms and conditions prior to sending the item, and while it is always disappointing to read a negative post, it is nice to confirm the process works.

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