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  • Renee Jackson Level 1 Level 1

    I already received an estimate from PowerOn and they are sending shipping supplies but I am concerned after reading through these posts.  It appears that there are few issues with small devices (iPad,iPhone) but that the big differences between quotes/final audit occur with notebooks and desktops/all-in-one machines.


    Just my observation.

  • islandflower Level 1 Level 1

    I requested a label and shipped my iPhone 4 to PowerOn last Monday. I received email last Friday notifying me that they received it Thursday. I was originally quoted $140 for the phone. Thanks to Otterbox protection there was no scratches or any damage. I received an email today giving me the code and pin for the Apple gift card for $140, 8 days after phone was shipped.

  • Diablo6300 Level 1 Level 1

    This is a joke.  They have quoted me £120.00 for my iPad.  Got an e-mail today saying it is worth £15.00.  They cheat you out of your money.  Apple this is a disgraced how can you allow pupil to work under your name ripping loyal customers off like that.  I have sold my wife's iPad on ebay for £150.00 you will get more for your money there.

  • mark75090 Level 1 Level 1

    I was quoted $537.75 for a Very good 15" MacBook Pro. I say "very good" because the battery was down to 78% capacity after a little over 100 recharge cycles. (Funny how that Apple estimate of 1000 recharges fell a little short). So I saw tha Poweron Ad and filled out the paperowrk online. They sent me a shipping box that was torn up on one side and required a lot of packing tape and newspaper to repair and cushion, but it was well packed. The machine was in great conditon, rarely out of my house and protected with a plastic hardshell for years. PowerOn estimated $537. I was torn, because the MacPro was running flawlessly, and really only needed a new battery. But I have 2 other macs and I was thinking I could use the Apple Card to get a new Retina 15"

    I hesitated a little about the deal because I really like the laptop as a backup machine, and I was on the fence. But $537 seemed reasonable, so I sent it off. Five days later, I get an estimate reduced by about $120 and pictures claiming misalignment(??) and bent metal housing... (hmmmm), (along with some small scratches on the aluminum) and a "Condition Fair" to which I say, NO WAY. I guess that in the back of my mind, I sort of knew that there was going to be a lowball response. And actually if they had just had an issue with the battery and/or the scratches, I probably would have accepted the lower estimate. But I feel as though they invented miniscule reasons to strongarm me into just going along with their new estimate. So I guess I'm in the 2% who reject, because I told them to send it back to me. I would actually rather give it to a school or charity than give PowerOn the satisfaction of bait and switch tactics. Now lets see how timely the return is.

  • mark75090 Level 1 Level 1

    Follow-up: They returned my MacBook Pro to me, and as I guessed, the "problems" that they described do not exist. There is absolutely NO hinge damage or "dent". None of us here could find even a hint of anything that they described. The picture that they sent me of a dent does not exist anywhere on this machine. I don't know what to think now. Did they purposely try and pressure me into a lesser buyout, thinking I missed something and would just accept their lowball offer?


    Well, this was in interesting experience that I will not repeat. And now I have a machine that has Snow Leopard running on it and I need to figure out a way to reinstall Mountain Lion without access to the App store or any physical media... hmmmmm

  • BY626 Level 1 Level 1

    Try selling it to Gazelle

  • joeyliu Level 1 Level 1

    I have just sent off my ipad 2 to be recycled with an estimate of $206. I had a genius appointment yesterday on an unrelated matter, when I asked if I could trade it in for something else since it was still under warranty, I found out about the recycling program. Thats when I got help filling the online form in the Apple store, and had it wiped clean to factory settings. So its not just my opinion but in the opinion of an Apple genius my ipad is in excellent condition, no scuffing on the back, no scratches on the screen, it passed every diagnostic test.


    Even though there has been so many negative experiences on this forum, I am encouraged by the fact that there has been less negative posts than in previous years, but still enough to be alarmed by it. Nevertheless, I have decided to take a risk and hope I get it back in the condition I posted it, should I decide to reject a low offer.


    Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones. I will keep you all posted on the outcome of the audit.

  • rualive Level 1 Level 1

    Quote on April 23. Shipping material here on May 3. Dropped off at Fed Ex May 3 am. Still showing not received.

  • joeyliu Level 1 Level 1

    Dear all,

    I am happy to report that my initial quote has been honored. I opted to take it to a designated fedex location to have them box and post it for me for free. I was then given a tracking number, so I can keep track of my ipad on their web site. 

               My ipad 2 was received, audited and payment sent, in just over a week. My experience could not have been better, and I was not expecting it to go so smoothly.  So much so that I am suspecting something else....almost every business without exception loses a fraction of inventory due to insider theft, I am beginning to wonder whether some of these unhappy experiences by others could be due in part to this. Of course this is pure speculation..


    Nonetheless I can only speak from my experience, and I am delighted by the service I've received from PowerOn.


    Quote status updates


    Item Quoted

    Jun 05, 2013

    Shipping Materials Requested/Sent

    Product Received at Audit Facility

    Jun 13, 2013

    Audit Complete

    Jun 14, 2013

    Audit Accepted

    Payment Sent

    Jun 14, 2013

  • stephen.bradley Level 1 Level 1

    It's entirely possible they've just reformed their deceptive, dishonest practices over the years. This thread is almost exactly 3 years old, and it wasn't the only set of complaints out there. Perhaps just listened, figured out what was wrong, and fixed it.


    Unfortunately, once you've been burned by a company, it's not likely you'll go back. In my case, I blatantly lied to about the condition of my machine. So now, I use Gazelle. 4 transactions with them in 18 months, and not a single complaint. PowerOn may have reformed, but I'll never know for sure.


    Glad it worked out for you though!

  • braingarden Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with outputlevel's assessment of this service. They reduced their quote by more than $100 and took a ridiculous amount of time to process it - almost a full month from my ship date to final quote. My Macbook was in excellent *used* condition, but they said the black keys were a bit faded. At that point, I had already scrubbed the hard drive and shipped it and waited for 3 weeks, so I just accepted it. Their email literally said to accept this reduced quote, do nothing and we will email your gift card in a couple days. Several more days went by and I still didn't get the gift card. So I finally called them to complain and the guy was like, we just say that but most people contact us to question/complaint about the revised quote; he seemed surprised that I actually followed their instructions and just waited patiently. Anyway, you live and learn, but I wanted to share my experience. I will never use Power ON again, nor will I trust any Apple reuse/recycling partner. Better to sell it yourself or just run it into the ground and do a secure electronics recycle. Cheers.

  • jzack52 Level 1 Level 1

    They may not be a shady company but I was not given what they quoted.  It may be a mistake, but here is what happened to me.


    I wanted to recycle an early iPad that was in very good shape.  I thought it was a 16GB Wifi only iPad.  I received the quote number and a price of $131.00.  I then found out that my iPad was in fact a 16 GB WiFi + 3G.  So I requested a new quote.  I received a new quote number and a price of $223.00.  I scanned the form that came with the new quote number and FEDEXed it off to PowerON recycling.


    About a week later I received a gift card for the ORIGINAL quote device for $131.00 and not the $223.00 that was quoted for the iPad that I shipped.  I have querried PowerON Customer Service twice but have not heard anything from them now that they have my 16GB iPad with WiFi + 3G.  I will withhold judgement until I hear from PowerON.



  • Woody Vondracek Level 1 Level 1

    Don't waste your time dealing with these shysters.


    After getting a quote of $52 for my pristine iPhone 4s I sent it to them and got an adjusted quote of $26 claiming no end to defects including scratched glass, cracked case (it's aluminum fergodsake!) and they even sent a photo of some beatup phone that I guarantee you wasn't even mine. My phone was put in a Griffin silicone case the day I bought it. It was never dropped, repaired or abused in any way. The only flaw was some minor scuffing on the case.


    I responded that I wanted my phone returned and they made a counter offer of $39 which I declined and asked for my phone back. They sent it but "forgot" to include my zip code so it took two weeks for me to get it back. Just luckily they did return my phone and not the one in their bogus photo.


    Long story short, I just sold it on Ebay for $80.


    Notice that the reviews for these people are generally good if the reviewer bought something from them. That's easy to understand because people send them good stuff then they give them a low-ball offer which gets accepted and then they turn around and sell it at a premium. This is their business model - buy low and sell high and with their Apple endorsement it's assumed they are honest, which they are not.


    TIP: When you buy something keep all the boxes, documents and packing material. Keep your stuff nice and sell it for top dollar.

  • dmcdermot Level 1 Level 1

    FYI - I just received my audited quote for the full amount I was orinally quoted $515.25, you can see the timeline of progess below.

    Quote status updates
    Image Of Item

    Apple MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.53 Ghz 15" (Mid-2009) (SD) (P8700) (MC118LL/A)

    • Intel Processor
    • Aluminum casing
    • Bluetooth
    • Airport
    • Does everything function properly? - Yes
    • What is the cosmetic condition? - Good
    • The item has a working battery. - Yes
    • I have -
      • Included a working power adapter
      • Included the operating system disc
    • Original Model MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.53 Ghz 15" (Mid-2009) (SD) (P8700) (MC118LL/A)
    • Original Quoted Value $515.25
    Actual Value: $515.25


    check Item QuotedJul 08, 2013
    check Shipping Materials Requested/Sent
    check Product Received at Audit FacilityJul 19, 2013
    check Audit CompleteJul 25, 2013

    Audit Accepted
    check Payment SentJul 25, 2013
  • TexiBelle Level 1 Level 1

    It's a total scam.  They ask you about 3 very basic questions and quote you a nice-sounding price.  Then when they get it it's all "damaged" and "scratched" and you can either have $10 (or some other lowball amount) or deal with the hassle of having it sent back to you.


    I sent them an older computer, but still working just fine.  I never expected to get much money for it.  They first quoted about $40 (hey, I'll take what I can get), but then they come back saying they're going to give me NO money for it because of damage.  They send photos as "proof" of the damage (scratches), but in 2 of the 3 photos I can't see anything wrong, that's how minor it is.  And if they care so much about it being cosmetically perfect, then why not ask those questions up front? 


    The second problem I have is why, in my case, they even care about cosmetic damage.  I sent them a computer from 2006-it works, but the operating system is so out of date that you're blowing smoke up my *** to pretend like you're going to use it for anything other than salvaging parts.  So why do you even care what it looks like?


    As someone stated before, they're counting on enticing your computer away with a great "quoted" price, then pull the rug out from under you and just hope you'll let them keep it rather than deal with getting it back.

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