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I recently bought an iPhone 4 using my mom's upgrade to get the 200$ price and was told we could then switch our numbers after and everything be ok. I called the ATT number I was suppose to call and they set my phone up perfectly, however my mom's phone is still not working. When I switched a new SIM card into her phone the screen showed a connect to itunes screen or slide for emergency (still showing now), so I did and I followed the steps on the computer to activate and select a data plan but when I reached the end the screen said "Your phone's activation takes longer to process we will send you an email with further instructions when it is ready". The lady on the phone said just to wait and the phone should be working shortly. It's been 2 days, her phone shows the same screen and the only 2 emails we've gotten have been to tell us there will be another email and then one saying "Thank you for choosing ATT" and showing me how to check my minutes and data when the phone itself is still not activated. I just took it to an ATT store and they said they couldnt do anything and id have to take it to an apple store, but does anyone have anything to say about it?
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    Same thing here. Talked to a high level tech guy at apple and he says to go get a cold (unformatted) sim card at the att store. Bring it home and THEN start a activation on your own computer. The guy at the ATT store agreed - seemed to know about the problem with 2g phones. Of course, it's not working on mine and I'm now going to take the laptop up with me and have him do it. But give it a try.