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owenmo Level 1 Level 1
Both the battery charger and the bottom of my black macbook get incredibly hot when I use it. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to stop tihs ?

macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • Scott Billings Level 4 Level 4
    Get a replacement charger. If it still does it, then you should probably have an electrician check the wiring where you live.
  • owenmo Level 1 Level 1
    The computer is hot even when I am using it without the charger
  • rrbc Level 1 Level 1
    Which MacBook do you have? Use system profiler to check the version. Is it 1.1, the original core duo? If so, your system may be normal. The original models ran hot, especially hot when watching video and charging the battery at the same time, a good heat workout.
    - You can install the free Fan Control program and adjust the lower and upper heat thresholds to ramp up the fan earlier. This will use more battery power, so experiment.
    - You can unplug the charger before viewing video or other processor-intensive work.
    - Do not worry about the charger getting hot. If it bothers you, stand it on edge so it will run a little cooler, especially if you place it on carpet.
    - Never put your computer on the couch, pillow, blanket etc when you are using it. Buy a cheap lapdesk. You do not need to get one with USB fan, just one that provides air circulation. Your jeans do block some heat from dissipating.
    - Chill.