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Ok so on my new iPhone 4 when I go into Messaging to send a text to more then one person and hit add contact and scroll down to select the first contact it adds fine but when I go back in to select another contact,the list isn't where I chose the last contact. It's in a completely random spot. This never happened on my old iPhone 3G that never went higher than 3.1.3. and was Jailbroken from 3.0 up. I'm not sure if it's the iPhone 4 hardware or the iOS4 software. Help if you can.    

Dell Studio 1737, Windows 7
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    Sorry not having the same problem here.
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    Mine goes back to the same exact spot where I last picked a contact...so I'm not having that issue either. I have the iPhone 4 and iOS4 software. Not sure why yours is acting different. Did you try powering it off and restarting your phone? Sometimes when my iPhone does crazy things...that usually resolves my problem. Worth a try.
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    Thanks for the reply and yes I've tried that,soft resets,and reseting all settings from inside the phone. I think I'll try an iOS4 restore tonight and then I'll take it from there.
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    I am having the very same problem.
    I have a iPhone 4 and lastest iOS4 software with contacts set to first name alphabetical. Yet every time I open contacts it will display the list in the "P's" rather than at the top with the "A's" --- no matter what contact I last accessed, edited, sent mail to, messaged, or whatever, it doesn't matter. Contacts will always default to opening in the "P's".

    I have shown this phenomena to several iphone uses and they are equally baffled. It's stupid and frustrating. I want the my contacts to open at the top of the list not the middle. I have reset, restored, turned off, and even deleted and reinstalled all my contacts and nothing fixes the issue.
    I can find no help anywhere on the net or forums with anyone having, let alone resolving, this same issue.
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    I'm having the same issues. Saved contacts disappear and I'm just left w/ phone numbers. It seems like this happens moreso w/the people I communicate w/on a regular basis. It's been 2 years since this 1st post. There needs to be a solution. This is unacceptable!