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    Try to buy any stuff. It seems to work. I'v have started to buy a stuff in 1,59€ and the process was accepted. Since the AppStore works. I'm from Hungary. Godspeed fellows.

  • Jenvit Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Your payment method was declined. Please enter another payment method.


    I have to do it.

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    The way I solved the problem: I called my bank (let's call it "A" bank) where I got my credit card. It turned out there are two - let's say - authorisation systems as my credit card in fact was made for me by another (let's call it "B") bank. Such situation is very common as few banks only "produces" credit cards in fact. Other banks simply use these banks' credit card systems and offer credit cards to their customers as their own cards. In most often cases everything is OK, I think. The system works fine and you can use your card without problem (I used it before on internet [but not Apple Store] - no problem). But some sellers (like eg. Apple Store I guess) have got more restrictive (or more acurrate) authorisation systems that require full authorisation of your card - by both bank systems (A+B). In my case it turned out that my card had got an authorisation from my (A) bank but there was no authorisation from the B bank (in fact, my card was somehow blocked by B bank - the reason unknown). As I was told it may happen when you blocked any of your cards in the past, for example - when you lost your card, you called the bank and blocked the card you lost.

    Of course, before I called my bank (A) I checked my credit card on the (A) bank website - everything was OK, no information that my card is somehow blocked. Full availability. And here the problem appeares - you try to buy sth from AppleStore but you can't. You check your card - everything's OK. What's the ****?!


    My advice:

    1. call your (A) bank first! Check your card.

    2. If they say "everything's OK", ask them which bank had produced your card in fact (B bank).

    3. And then ask them to check whether your card is not somehow blocked by that (B) bank.

    4. If so, they are abble to unblock your card fully (you don't have to call the B bank).

    5. And then, after a few minutes (10-15 in my case) you can try in Apple Store once more.

    I did it. And now everything is really OK.


    I wish I could find some professional opinions or explanations on this problem, I mean bank staff, because I am not so familiar with such systems.

    I wish as well I could see an proper and accurate information in Apple Store if rejected, not just "payment method declined", because it means nothing, really. In such case the Apple feedback should say something more, like: "no authorisation of your card, contact your bank" or something else in other cases.


    Well, I spend all my day long to solve this problem. Or should I say: I lost my whole work day for this! By the way: I was buying OS Lion, Euro 30. Is this worth it?

    By the way: I got pretty good support from Polish Apple team. They were who told me my card had no authorisation. Why Apple Store could not do it?

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    i can't find change account information anywhere:/ any help please?

  • mohd1981 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    when they will solve this problem..............

  • mohd1981 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i need some help to solve this problem

  • Rated Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I found one of the problems. When you have no money left on your creditcard that is connected to Itunes, You cant DOWNLOD free apps, OUR updates to your already purchased Apps. THIS IS SOOOOO STUPID and makes No, Sence.. So you need to have money on your card... Apple i just lost all respect for you.

  • mohd1981 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    when this problem will end .........

  • mohd1981 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    now new thing (payment processing is temporarily unavailable. please try againe later)

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    Today I would like to install one free application as well.  But my iPad show.  Your payment method was declined. Please enter another payment method.  As well.   Omg.  How can I do?

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    You are right. Login to the online banking and unlock card for internet payment solf the problem !! Thanks

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    Same here,


    Even I'm getting the same error for last few weeks.

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    Urgh, I got mine fixed before but it is happening again. Before it was an address problem, now it is because I owe something from a recent purchase. When will it end.

  • lumzi23 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    It's strange. It is suddenly working again. I was trying to follow someone's suggestion based on an Apple Support response. It didn't work. I got as far as the payment info update page on Apple's online store but I couldn't find my country listed on the UK version (the American version was locked to US) so I moved from away from the page. I was looking for a Nigerian version of the same page when I thought see whether it had worked anyway. I check and 'presto' my card is working again. I also left it alone for about 30 minutes due to my internet being messed with by rain. I don't know what really made it work but I am glad it is working again.

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    This has been a problem for me for over 6 days now and it's the second time it has happened to me :/ hope apple fixes this problem and last time if this works for anyone which did for me the first time but not this time was tht I re-entered all billing information but I have heard it is a bug problem and something about the coding in the update that has just happened but what ever it is I hope it is resolved soon I can't even update my apps that I've already got :(

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