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    As others have posted, the new cards are not yet available for sale individually. No idea yet if they'll be available to order as soon as the Mac Pro's become available (in another week or so, from what I understand), or if they'll get put into the store sometime later.

    We also don't yet know for sure whether or not they'll work in any of the earlier Mac Pro's. Speculation is that at the very least, they'll work in any 2008 or later Mac Pro (since they have EFI-64), and there's a good chance they'll actually work in 2006 and later Mac Pro's (the Apple/ATI Radeon HD4870 card had both the EFI-64 and EFI-32 support). We won't know for certain whether they work on older systems until they're out & available.

    As for using PC cards, the short and official answer is no. Some technically minded folks who are into tinkering with their system and have the patience to deal with unexpected results, down time, and a somewhat more painful process with every update for Mac OS have managed to get certain models of PC graphics cards to work in their Mac Pro, but no idea how successful that will end up being on the new stuff. Hard to really know until the cards are out and available.

    For clarification, there will be two cards.

    Radeon HD 5770 1GB, which is said to perform as fast or slightly faster than the Radeon HD 4870, except have double the video memory as well as double the mini displayport plugs (2 + 1 DVI port). That card will require 1 6-pin supplemental power connection, so you could potentially drop 2 of those cards in and drive a total of 6 monitors.

    Radeon HD 5870 1GB, which performs significantly faster than the Radeon HD 4870, has 1GB video memory (which is also significantly faster than the video memory in the 5770 or 4870), and also has 2 mini displayport + 1 DVI. The 5870 will require 2 6-pin supplemental power connectors, which means you'd only be able to have one of these cards in your machine (Mac Pro board/power supply can only accomodate 2 connectors).
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    Re: ATI Radeon 5870 for Mac Pro
    Posted: Jul 28, 2010 2:53 AM

    From memory the ati5870 card is LONGER which may cause a problem in fitting. "

    The 5870 should have no problem fitting and working with the power supply. I use a 5970 within my mac pro under windows, and it DOES work (Though not as good as it would in a PC), using only the mac pro's PCIE Power suppply, with some of the mac pro Mini-PCIE Power cable to a 6 to 6 pin, and a 6 to 8 pin for power. I'm going to try two 5970's soon on crossfire using an external PSU, so there should be no problems physically with using 5870's.
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    When I said PC cards, I had two ideas: run Windows 7 64-bit, maybe you play games or do work in Windows where cards do better.

    Or flash, but I didn't and there is as you say, no information yet on what to expect.

    Just my say, I don't know if you meant to, but you did put words in my mouth that I didn't.

    I was surprised by the problems and by the lack, of using flashed ATI's.

    And I still dream of a system where you can buy a GTX 460 and use it (there is also a new 2GB model out).

    Normally, you will see me point to and link to more information to pursue.
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    Toughpower 450W
    Support NVIDIA SLI & other multi-GPU technologies
    TWO 6-pin & TWO 8-pin PCI-Express connectors support up to four graphic card setup
    Fit into any empty 5.25" drive bays in any system spx

    Can be found on Newegg for about $40

    *2009 Mac Pro owner running GTX-285 and ATI 4870 Cards (via Aux power Y adapters)*
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    Would love to know this! Upgrade from Dual 4870's to Dual 5870's. I wonder how long it will take for xfire drivers to come out to work with these cards.

    My setup on the xfire 4870's -
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    Yeah well, at this point there's not much I can do about not having PCIe 2.0 aside from purchasing a new system. I don't game much, so the fact that it would run at less speed isn't too much of a problem for me. The computer's nearly 4 years old anyway, and aside from the slim options I have for video cards there's not much reason to upgrade my computer. It's a great machine and does everything I want on it at blazing speed. I'll have to upgrade eventually I'm sure, although certainly not this year.

    I see that the 5770 and the 5870 are both up for purchase now. Doesn't look like they'll work in my machine. It really perplexes me as to why the 4870 costs more than the 5770.

    But anyway I read that the 4870 requires 2 power connectors. My model of Mac Pro only has 2 extra power connectors for video cards. Would it be safe to use a y-splitter to add the single extra power required for the card I have now to run (which if I go this route would be my secondary card running the TV). If I can't do it off the ones on the motherboard for powering cards could I Y-split the power connector for my 2nd burner (which is IDE)?
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    To all those saying the 5870 will physically fit into a 2008 Mac Pro, I ask how do you know? Without actually measuring the card's length, it's all conjecture. Who knows if that support bracket is removable?

    Personally, I hope the 5870 works in my 08 Octo... if it doesn't, no more Mac Pros for me.
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    Photos of reference design PCBs and other details for one, and it would be pretty much impossible to differ all that much.

    You can look and see the length of various cards, and the 5970 is the extra long model and even that fits.

    PCIe slots, even those with 2.1 specification have to fit and work and be backward compatible. They (ATI, and also Nvidia) do have standard sizes etc and want to sell units to systems that already exist.

    You don't see SATA drives in non standard size, but when WD came out with small 2.5" 10K model it came out in three forms, and was very confusing at first to everyone. Or that DDR3 is x-inches long, can come in 1.6v, 1066MHz etc and 240-pin slot size.

    Those of us that were first to buy and support the Mac Pro are left out due to EFI32 in our systems if running Mac OS.
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    OMG.. For the sake of argument, the 2010 is the same as the 2009.. there is no PCIE 2.1 slots.. where are you getting this information from??? The 09,08, and 10(09 with westmere) ALL have PCIE 2.0 slots.. well, the 08 has two 2.0 slots and the other two are 1.1

    There is no PCIE 2.1 on the mac pro - period!
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    The Apple version of the 5870 has only TWO power connectors... used to connect to the two plugs on the 09 and 09 w/westmere (I refuse to acknowledge that this is a totally different machine as it uses the same backplane logicboard and processor trays, just updated firmware and new gpus).

    The 08 also has the same size plugs near the fan assembly.. I believe looking at the size of the card, it will fit in the 08 and work as promised since 08 and 09 both have the same EFI 64 firmware as well as the 09 w/westmere.
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    Where are you getting this information?? The 5870 and 5770 all use the same EFI 64/EBC as the 4870.. they will work in the 08,09, and 09 w/westmere.. The only problem might be with the 06..

    It has already been proven that these cards will work - see barefeets.
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    ATI/AMD does that.. not Apple..

    Apple just buys the cards from AMD/ATI - It is ATI/AMD that provides EBC on the cards.. Apple has no say in it.. Research before you post.
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    So Apple has these available now, and there seems to be some conflicting information. I have an early 2008 model Mac Pro and would ideally like to upgrade to the 5870 but would consider the 5770 if that one won't work (I currently have the 3870).
    Any concrete info on whether any of these two will fit on the early 2008 mac pro?
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    Wait for OWC to test them.. they are good with doing this as they did for the 4870. Watch, the 5770 and 5870 will both work in all mac pros maybe 08 it will work and not 06 07 depending on whether EBC is enabled.
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