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I have Gmail and use it on my iphone. I am trying to establish the push function on the phone. I have "Push" selected under the mail option in settings. Then when I try to send myself a message from my work email to my gmail account nothing happens. Why is that?

MAC MINI, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I sent a message to both my Gmail and Yahoo! accounts. Only the Yahoo! account gets pushed. The other account doesn;t load until I enter the app.
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    Similar issue here at first. Now, this may not be necessary but it did work for me. I orginally setup my gmail account using the iP4 supplied "gmail" icon when adding an email account. Push didn't work. So I removed it and setup gmail via the "exchange" option. Works fine now. Again, not sure why but this worked for me. Good luck.
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    Here is the fix. Keep in mind that I'm a Mac, if you're a PC you will need to read between the lines a bit. But this did fix the Push issue. What you need to do is a Restore, but when the dialog box asks if you would like to apply the Back Up iTunes has, that back up needs to not have any of your mail settings. Here you go:
    1) plug the phone into your mac and sync with iTunes.
    2) eject & unplug the iphone
    3) on the phone go to settings>mail,contact,calendar>select your mail accounts and delete them. When the "keep on iPhone" question appears choose <delete from my iPhone>.
    4) Reboot the iPhone.
    5) Now plug your "Mail-less" iPhone into your mac (if it starts to sync- cancel it..you just did a sync).
    6) Hold down the Control key while you click on your IPhone under Devices in iTunes. From the menu that appears select "Back Up"

    This creates a back up of your iPhone without any trace of your Mail settings.

    7) Click Restore in the Summary Tab in iTunes. When the restore is finished it asks if you would like to restore from a back up. You bet you would.
    8) After all the smoke clears ( it transfers your stuff over and restarts a few times) grab your mail-less iPhone and set up your mail account as if your phone was right off the shelf.

    FIXED..so long as you remembered to turn Push notifications on
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    I have not tried the fix above, but here is an easier procedure to be able to receive push notification for your Gmail-account: http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=138740

    Instead of adding a Gmail-account to your iPhone, you add an Exchange-account and follow the simple instructions according to the link above.
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    yup use exchange as niknam suggests it will push just fine that way