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I recently updated my software to iOS 4 (on my iPhone 3G), and did not do a restore from backup, but rather did a fresh install of all apps etc. I now have duplicate Notes on my phone, but not in Mail. I'm concerned that if I start deleting duplicates from the phone that they'll be erased altogether from Mail. In iTunes, on the Info page, I have everything set to sync via the MobileMe cloud, except for Other, where I've checked off "sync Notes". Any suggestions? Should I try a "replace Notes" in the "Advanced" section?

Mac G5; MacBook Pro & iPhone 3G (3.0), iOS 4
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    I had a similar problem when upgrading to iOS4 on my old 3G: I enabled notes syncing with Gmail and moved all the notes from On My Mac to Gmail in Mail.app upon installing OS 4; after restoring from a backup a few days later, the duplication happened. The notes would not show up in Mail.app, however.

    I rectified it by touching "Accounts" at the top of Notes and by deleting all the notes, one by one, from "
    From My Mac". Those stayed off the phone until I restored from the backup to my iPhone 4 this morning, but after doing it again it's no longer a problem once more.

    The weirdest part is that they don't show up in Mail.app anymore even before I deleted them. I'm not sure where they're hiding.
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    I discovered the "Accounts" tab in Notes after having posted by question. Now it seems clearer why notes show up duplicated when I've chosen "All Notes".

    Thanks for your input.