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I originally posted this in the wrong discussion group for iMac G4. It is actually an iBook G4.
Every time my wife turns on her iBook, she gets a message that the time & date were set before 2001.
I've gone into system preferences and locked the correct date & time info.
Is it a battery issue or am I not setting the right preference?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hello fabtique!
    The reason your iBook date and time are reseting is due to a battery located on the logic board of your iBook. Just like a watch battery it has died because of how old your iBook is. Noting that the most recent iBook before it was discontinued was made in 2005, which is now 5 years ago, The earliest being made in 2003, 7 years ago. Alternately I think (don't know) it might have something to with the computer's PRAM which I think is responsible for things like Time and date as well as sleep (IDK)
    So all in all, The solution lies in replacing the battery which has obviously died on your logic board here are two links that will tell you how to open you iBook and another for purchasing a new battery. Alternatively you could take it into a Apple Store and have it repaired (It's not obsolete yet) Deal with the issue or fix it. PS You don't need to buy the battery online they can be found at local shops (Watchmakers)
    Here are the links: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Browse/iBook
    -http://www.mac-batteries.com/ (I could not load the page so I don't know if it's relevant)

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    The iBook doesn't have a separate PRAM battery. The iBook only has the large battery on the bottom of the machine.

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    Have you tried a PRAM reset? The PRAM (Parameter RAM) is the onboard memory that keeps the time and date.

    1) If the computer is powered on. Power it off completely.

    2) Turn the computer on and as soon as you hear the boot chime, but before the gray Apple logo, hold down Command + Option + P + R keys on your keyboard.

    3) Continue to hold the keys until you hear the boot chime a second time, then release the keys.

    4) Allow your computer to boot normally. After you are booted into Mac OS X, set the date and time.

    5) Turn your computer off and on again normally and see if it remembers the date and time.

    Let us know if this works : )
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    Thank you!! This worked for me
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    Hey fabtique,
    Here are some reasons that would make this happen:
    The PMU needs to be reset.
    PMU is defective.
    In general this happens if you remove the battery and the power adapter. Eventually the logic board loses "trickle power", which is a low level power that the iBook is running even when it's off. It's what the iBook uses to start up when you push the power button. In cases when you're running off battery and switch batteries, while there isn't a usual PRAM battery there is a "super capacitor" of around 2.2 Farads. This will hold PRAM settings for about 30 seconds with no power available to the logic board.