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I'd like to get some thoughts on what kind of setup I should be looking into. I am getting more into digital photography (via DSLR, Aperture 3 and/or Adobe Photoshop CS5) and, in the future, will go into some video editing. I already have a MacBook Pro 15" (purchased late 2009) but I am looking at some other products to create the "ultimate setup."

Mac mini with Snow Leopard server
Looking to hook this device up to my HDTV in the living room. What configuration should I consider?

iMac 27"
Even though I have the 15" MacBook Pro (which I can use while on travel and remote into my home setup), I'd like to have a desktop environment as my main system. What configuration should I consider?

External storage device(s)
Any ideas? Should I get the Promise SmartStor DS4600 RAID subsystem (what configuration)? Or is there another platform I should look into? I'd like to connect this device to the Mac mini - possibly as a network drive, backup location, main iTunes server (or should I use the Mac mini for this feature), etc.

Any additional software to manage the above? Any other software I should consider?

If you have any questions for me that would help create a better picture, please feel free to post here. Thanks in advance for your insight!

15" MacBook Pro, iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I kinda went through the same situation as you and believe me it's just not that easy. But here's what I finally settled on.

    As my desktop computer and mobile computer:

    2009 15" MBP 2.66GHz $1999 mobile or can be connect to monitor

    2009 13" MBP 2.53GHz $1499 connected to monitor or can be mobile
    2009 24" Apple LED display $899
    2009 Wireless Apple KB $69
    2009 Apple Magic Mouse $69
    2009 3-1GB G-Tech HD's (FW800) $199 each ($597)

    My other desktop computer (wife uses)

    2009 Mac Mini 2.53GHz referbuished bought in 7/10 $589
    2009 24" Apple LED display $899
    2009 Apple Wired and Wireless KBs' $49 and $69
    2009 Apple Magic mouse $69
    2008 1-500GB Mercury Elite HD's (FW800) $179

    As far as connecting the Mini to the TV I'd recommend a refurbished Mini to the newer one. More bang for your buck, but only if you have a newer (late 2008 and later) version LCD/LED TV with HDMI and a stereo setup for audio surround sound. You can purchase a 10' DVI to HDMI video cable ($4-$20) on line and a 6' audio cable Toslink to Mini M/M OD:5.0mm ($3). See links below.

    _DVI to HDMI cable_

    Good - http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?
    Better - http://www.optimization-world.com/details/prodid/10.html

    _Toslink to Mini M/M OD:5.0mm_