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In ibooks store there is a 'purchases' tab, how do I remove a book from there. I purchased a free book from there in error! and dont want it there in my list to re-dowload. Any help would be appreciated.

iphone 4 7 Ipad, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    send an e-mail to the iTS customer service using this form and ask the folks there to remove the item(s) from your download queue.


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    I had this same problem -- contacted iTunes Store support by e-mail never heard back on removing purchases -- called iPod Touch support and they communicated for me with iTunes Store support -- was told that purchases made with an iTunes Store account cannot be removed from purchases tab -- best I could do was logout of iBook Store -- when logged out does not show purchases in purchases tab -- prompts login to view purchases -- set up a new iTunes Store account just to purchase iBooks and ensure purchases you don't want aren't downloaded using new account. Unfortunately Apple seems to have a policy of not allowing this. You can delete purchases from iBooks Library but removing from purchase history/download queue does not seem likely -- even more odd I had accidentally purchased a title which I received a refund for afterward upon request but still have access to that title to re-download purchase for free.

    This is so messed up!
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    I have this problem as well. In fact that's why reading this thread.

    Looks like iBook(store) is still a work in progress. Can't read the iBooks on Mac, etc. Can't delete items from purchased list Originally, Kindle had this problem as well. Amazon finally fixed that and now can delete Kindle purchases from history. I hope apple is listening. These *small* issues are important usability issues for a lot of people. Allow purchased item list to be edited.
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    I agree...same problem! Accidentally downloaded a crap book and I want it erased from the purchases tab. I DONT need to be reminded if I want to re download it. I actually deleted iBooks off of my iPad and I will not use it again until they MAKE PURCHASE TAB EDITABLE.

    If I don't want a book anymore I should have the option of not being reminded of it. iTunes is not that way. If you buy a song you don't like you can delete it from your purchase folder. Get with it Apple, get some consistency in your stores. I will not load iBooks on again until this problem is fixed. I will use my Kindle for reading books or other apps. Amazon fixed this same problem, I like the freedom they give you.
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    Samething here, I hope Apple change this soon.
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    I just hate how could this simple thing be completely not allowed.it's us who purchased this apps,shouldnt we at least be given a freedom to delete this stuffs permanently?what is the reason why deleting this purchased apps is not allowed?I cant understand it! Apple staffs or just somebody who works for this company

    can any of you please explain?

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    We are just fellow users here, Apple do not monitor these forums (there are too many forums/threads/messages for that to happen). I'm not aware of any official reason why we can't delete, or hide, entries from our purchase history. If you want to leave feedback for Apple then you can do so here : http://www.apple.com/feedback

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    I am currently in correspondence with Apple regarding this and they aren't being particularly helpful.  Here is their line on the matter:


    "The purchased history is Apple's records of your purchases and is there for your convenience as much as anything - to be able to recover items when they are lost or misplaced, as well as to make it easier to share between devices.  I hope that you can understand we are trying to make it easier for you to access your material."


    Hmm. I have explained that I neither wish to recover the books in question nor share them with other devices but they maintain that they cannot remove purchases.  Of course, we all know that Apple can but choose not to!

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    To delete iBooks, delete them from your Mac and then sync. You will be asked whether or not you want to keep the books, say no and all of your books will be deleted. You can download the ones you want from the itunes store again at no charge since you have already paid for them.

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    That doesn't remove them from your Purchased list, only from the device and/or computer. At the time that this thread was started you couldn't delete or hide purchases from your history, though you can now hide them.

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    if you go next to the purchase and slide your finger, there is a hide feature, and it hides your purchases, May have been mentioned earlier, just did not feel like reading .

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    Hi Folks,

    Its not a big deal, if you dont want to see your previous purchases in iBooks just follow the steps given bellow


    IOS 7.4

    Settings > iBooks > Turn off show all purchases.


    This the simple way to hide all purchases from your iBooks


    There is another way to hide the unwanted purchases from your purchased books list



    Go to iTunes Store > click on Apps > Scroll down to bottom of the screen you will find  Purchased button click on it > Select books now you can hide the books which ever you want to.


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    go on this:


    it will tell how to remove it i get the same problem than you.

    can after make a green sign for other people read the post and get their problem solve?