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How can i save a word document in IBooks so that it can be reviewed on my iphone
  • K Shaffer Level 6 Level 6
    +The software forum area for the new iBooks product _is not_ in this hardware+
    +forum discussion _intended for_ Mac iBook series portable PPC computers.+

    • *iBooks for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store:*

    You would need to be asking this question in an appropriate location.
    The link below is to the new iTunes sub-forum iBooks discussion:

    • *Apple - Support - Discussions - iBooks:* +within iTunes section+

    *The iBooks product is associated with the iTunes area of support.*

    For general iTunes and iBooks information, see:

    • Apple - Support - iTunes:

    • iBooks: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    So hopefully you can find the information you seek through
    the above locations, in the links I've found and provided.

    And I was wondering how the similarity between the Mac iBook
    computer & this new iTunes iBooks product would work out, here.

    If there is an iBook G4 computer involved, please elaborate &
    extrapolate with descriptions of the issue, with my apologies.
    Since you asked here, instead of ignoring, I looked stuff up.

    Sorry I don't know the answer regarding the Word doc.
    Good luck & happy computing!

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