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First post ever on this forum, hoping someone can help me.

Picked up my 32gb Iphone 4 from AT&T yesterday. I sync'd and got all of my info on the new phone from my previous one (had a 32gb white Iphone 3GS), and everything was wonderful.

Woke up this morning, and the phone had a message on it, Restore Needed - Iphone cannot make or receive calls. Please visit www.apple.com/support. I turned the phone off and on, and it seemed to have worked, as the AT&T signal bars returned. After being on for about 3 hours, the message returned. I decided to do a restore (after backing up first) and after it extraced the software to restore back to original specs iTunes now says "There is a problem with your Iphone. We're sorry, the iPhone you connected is not recognized and cannot be activated for service. We recommend you visit the nearest Apple Store for more information."

Has this happened to anyone? My phone is only one day old!!!

I plan to make an appointment at the Apple Store, but if there is something I can do in the meantime to fix it I would be willing to try it. My phone is completely unusable at this point, it just has the connect to iTunes graphic.



Iphone 4 32GB, iOS 4, just picked it up yesterday 7.27.10
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    got squeezed into the apple store yesterday with an appointment and they swapped my phone out on the spot...funny thing is they seemed familiar with the issue, however did not know how to fix it....so i'm on my 2nd brand new iPhone 4 in 2 days....
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    Hi Matt,

    I have the exactly same problem as yours. I got a message saying that iPhone 4 restore needed and iPhone cannot make and receive calls. I did everything I can but no luck. I am going to an Apple store on Tuesday. I hope someone find a solution for it.
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    This is similar to the error 23 that occurred on the iPhone 3GS but on the iPhone 4, iTunes does not report an error 23.

    It's basically a hardware failure where the radios in the phone have failed so the phone reports that it can't make or take calls. No amount of restoring can fix this and Apple will have no problem in replacing it for another one.

    I had this problem last summer on my 3GS. I woke up to the message that a restore was needed and that the iPhone could not make calls. Apple replaced my phone.
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    Thank you for your post. If you hadn't sent the post, I would have spent all night to fix the problem.

    I made an appointment with a genius on Tuesday, I hope they have a stock to replace my phone.

    Thank you again.

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    I just contacted apple support about this issue, and their fix was to take out the sim and put it back in. I anticipate this will work for maybe 20 minutes.

    I have had the restore message 3 times total, and 2 times in the last 12 hours.
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    I got the same problem.

    I restored many times and still getting the same No Service and "Restore Needed". Do you think Apple will replace it?
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    Until now my Iphone still repeat this issue, keep changing new Iphone???????
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    I currently own a  32GB White iPhone 4 from Verizon and received same message after owning it for only about 6 weeks. I spent 30 min on phone with Verizon customer service and nothing the could do helped.  Buyers beware because after talking with Verizon every bit of information I had stored on phone (Pictures, Contacts, Apps, etc) will be lossed. Not happy with Apple product at this point!

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    I had same problem before last 3 days until now i can't fix it i try to make restore to last version 4.3.5 but thir error code 1013 it try from other computer but still same problem my iphone 4 still not working

    plz any one can help me