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Hello, I got official IPhone 3G. Also I bought a special official car adapter for Toyota Avensis PZ473-00261-A0. I installed by my self this adapter properly. When I connect my phone to this adapter I have such message on the screen: "This accesory is not optimised for this Iphone" and so on about noises and signal strength. Then, play lists in iPod disappearing, and instead iPod I got a picture with Ipod and description below "Accesory Connected". It looks like iPod is blocked, when connecting to the car kit. I can listen to my music from Iphone trough car interface, but it's extremly difficult to explore play lists from the car buttons! By the way, all other functions of my phone are working. Other media players ignoring the connection.
So, why the function of iPod are blocked? How Can I use iPod app with all functions during the connection with my car?
P.S. sorry for my English

iPhone 3G, iOS 4