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I attempted to purchase an iBook on my iPad but when I entered my iTunes password, the message stated that "The password is invalid". I attempted it a few more times and got the same message. My Apple and iTunes ID and password were exactly the same until I recently changed my Apple ID to my Gmail address; but my iTunes ID has not changed. The password for both accounts is the same. How can I change my iTunes ID to the new Apple email ID? Could this lack of identical ID's be the reason that my iTunes password is coming up "invalid"? Is there a way to have totally different ID's and passwords for iTunes and Apple accounts or do they have to coincide? Is there any way to change my iTunes ID to my email address? Please respond ASAP. Thank you.
PS: I also tried purchasing music on my computer and got the same result.

g4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    In iTunes your ID is your email address!
    On the sign in window you can click "Forget Password" and you password will be reset…, you receive an email with a link, click that and the browser opens a new window, there you can enter a new password.
    Apple ID and iTunes ID can be different and can have different passwords - with both ID you can make purchases so it makes sense that you can have different passwords…

    I hope this helps you

    enjoy your magic machine
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    I had the same problem. I just signed out of itunes at the bottom of my screen and then signed back in with my new gmail account and the password worked.