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I.ran.my.utilities.&.that.didn't.help...I.restarted.computer...I.unplugged.the.u sb.NOTHING.WORKED.

G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Memory:512 MB, Processor:800MHz PowerPC G4
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    Open the Speech pane of System Preferences and check whether either the listening key or the speech key has become set to that keystroke; if so, change the setting.

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    I assume that if you had another keyboard available, you would already have tried it?

    For troubleshooting purposes, can you boot to the single user command line interface? You can do this by pressing "Command+S" while starting up. All you want to do on this screen is see if your spacebar works there.

    If it does, then it's probably an OS or software issue.

    If it does not, then it's probably a faulty keyboard.
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    If anything feels weird about the spacebar, it might be worth a shot to pry it off with a credit card to see if it swallowed a paper clip or something.

    Before making any purchases, try to test the keyboard with another computer just to be sure. If you're unable to do that, check back here later today to see if anyone finds fault with the troubleshooting steps.

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    i.did.try.to.pry.the.cover.off...but.only,got.it.open.enough.to.vacuum0.it.seems .like.the.spacebar.key.does.not.feel.weird,just.will.not.work
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    I just got a second hand Mac Mini and BT keyboard and Mighty Mouse, and I didn't realise that setting the listening key would affect it that way. I guess that will have to be a seldom-used keystroke.

    Thank you.