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lukeo Level 1 (0 points)
just bought my iphone 4
activated it
i can call , Text and use the internet if i connect to my wireless at home but if i just use 3g it wont work on any internet applications Youtube,safari,facebook.e.t.c.

iphone 4, iOS 4
  • lukeo Level 1 (0 points)
    forgot to say i get the lil 3g symbol after the orange logo but still nothing
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    I'm having the same problem (but with a new 3GS) Orange say that there are issues with newly registered iPhones, plus there are data issues for existing customers today as well. They said that the issue is fixed and we should all get a text with new settings...but nothing.

    Am on hold to them right now.
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    good luck mate
    i havnt had any texts with new settings ether :l
  • thehighrise Level 1 (0 points)
    OK, got through after an hour.

    The issue for new customers (recently bought iPhones/newly ported numbers; something has gone wrong with the 'registration process') has NOT been fixed and they have no idea when it will be.

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    aint they helpfull
    think i might fone up just to complain as well
  • thehighrise Level 1 (0 points)
    Indeed they are! I think they're closed for the night anyway so fingers crossed that it's sorted itself by tomorrow morning.
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    Ditto here in Aus. Can call/ text, & access the internet via wireless, but cannot access the internet via 3G, despite being in range with + coverage with my service provider, and having '3G' happily sitting in the op left corner.
    Spoke to a chap at my service provider's call centre in India who said internet access was not activated on my handset yet, and went on to state that everyone (?) in Aus with a new iPhone4 would similarly have to ring up to get activation. Don't believe it, surely they do this in-store when you buy the thing, but all still quite frustrating.
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    Well you would think so! It did seem to be a problem with new iPhones so guess the blame lies with Apple this time. Mine was working again by the next morning, thankfully - hope it's good news for you too.