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I had a nana 5 gen 8Gig ipod, on this i had the two twilight movies that I had downloaded from Itunes. Last week I bought an Ipod touch 2G 32gb. When I sync,it will add everything to my new touch,except the New Moon movie, its coming up with error (-69) (which i have googled) and in my ITunes it has a circle beside the name of the movie which is half coloured in blue. I have tried everthing possible, I have tried restoring, I have updated my itunes to the latest copy, i have tried every single thing that about 30 different websites (including this one) have suggested. I have never had any problems like this with my other Ipod, and amonly having problems with this one movie, the other movie syncs fine. It has also come up with an error message saying it cannot copy to my device. Please help, the only reason I bought the touch was so that I could fit all my music and movies on and still have extra room for more (as my last one was full). Any helo would be greatly appreciated!

Toshiba Satelitte, Windows XP