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hi all

i just tried restoring my 3gs and therefore upgrading to os4 but all i get is a 3014 error, anyone know how to get round this?

also my phone is dead all i get now is black screen, no apple logo or usb picture just a blank screen.
when i plug into pc itunes tells me phone in recovery mode, so i restore and then the error 3014 appears?
please help!!

thanks tony

acer aspire5715z, Windows Vista, iphone 3gs 16gb
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    The same thing has happened to me. Altho I had updated the software a week ago and phone has crashed once or twice. I plugged it in to charge and and then it turned itself off and then on and lept doing so. Tired a soft reset but didnt wotk. I am getting the same error message. Have you managed to fix it?
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    i cant restore from my back up and then after i restore to new it wont back up gives me error (-20) any one know what is going on?
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    You know what robin3c that happen also to my ipod classic i did the update and sync and now it turns on and off cant restore or anything my iphone crashed on me also since the update i lost all of my numbers because it will not restore from my back up and it wont back up
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    not sorted yet, any ideas??
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    Apple list a series of issues that may be the source of your problem.


    +Error 3000-3999: (3002, 3004, 3013, 3014, 3164, 3194, and so on) Error codes in the 3000 range generally mean that iTunes cannot contact the gs.apple.com server on ports 80 or 443. This may be because out-of-date or incorrectly configured security or firewall software is interfering, or due to your Internet proxy settings. If you are using a proxy, try without using one or with a known-good network. If that does not resolve the issue, follow iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting security software issues. Error 3014 may indicate that you need to free up more disk space on the computer before trying to restore again.+

    So firstly, Check you network situation, are you using proxy server? Are you using an internet security software package that is blocking access to the apple servers.

    If your computer is a home with a standard basic setup, turn of your security temporarily and then try again.

    Also it mentions that you may not have enough space on you hard drive, is it full or close to it? if so, create some room and try again.

    See if any of this helps.
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    all weekend trying to sort this but no joy! tried turning anti-virus off now get error 1604, tried different usb leads again no joy. only diffrence now is i get a white screen when it bombs out! think i may send it back?

    any help again much appreciated

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    I see a fair few people post issues like you are having when using Vista. Which version are you using.

    I know you said that you turned your Anti-virus off, but did you also turn off your firewall as well. You will need to turn that off too.

    Also, USB ports need to be high powered ports. Depending on how your computer is set up, make sure that you are not using a port via a USB hub, and also don't use ones on card readers etc on the front of the computer, so laptops have trouble with the power requirements too. So if you are using desktop computer, use one of the rear ports to be sure.

    Which version of iTunes are you using, you need to make sure that you are using V9.2.1. Also when you do go to update, Download the OS4 update only, once its been download, then perform the upgrade.

    With all the issues you are having, do you have access to restoring your phone on another computer? If you do, this may be the best way to get the phone going again.

    Otherwise, take it to Apple and have them restore the phone for you.
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    here we are again! last try this evening before taking it back to apple!

    i now go a bit further on in the process, i get a white screen the error 28 appears!

    any help as always much appreciated.


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    Sorry nothing worked, it looks an Apple visit for you.

    Good luck
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    I had this same problem with my iphone 3gs.
    The soloution is to go into C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and edit the host file. Open the hostfile as administrator then delete the last entry after localhost that says gs.apple.com from the end. After this you restart Itunes and try another restore. It worked for me.