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I am running Exchange 2003 with activesync configured. No problem with mail or contact sync. The problem I have is with some calendar appointments created in Outlook 2007 client not synching to iphone. Mysterious part is that some appointments created in Outlook do sync. No matter what I try, I cannot get it to sync.

PC, iPhone OS 3.1.3, Outlook 2007, Exchange 2003 activesync
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    iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.0.1, syncing over the air with Exchange.

    I am syncing all events, all timeframes. New job, so only 400 entries over 2 months -- no massive amounts of data here!

    Same issue - most meetings sync, "some" do not. Lots of testing. Here's what's interesting. I took a meeting that wasn't syncing, deleted it and had the user resend invite. It disappeared again, so I played with it for a while.


    - With meeting in Outlook 2007 inbox, invitation is on iPhone and calendar entry displays on iPhone as a place holder. When accepted from Outlook, it disappears from iPhone

    - Next deleted and retried, with meeting invite back in Outlook inbox, again it showed as placeholder on iPhone. I then tried to accept the meeting from iPhone and received an error. “Calendar invitation" "Your response to the invitation cannot be sent.” ** interesting since I can accept other meetings from my phone! **

    - Next I deleted and retried, with the meeting invite back in Outlook inbox, again showed as placeholder on iPhone. In Outlook, I accepted the meeting as "tentative". The meeting showed in Outlook as tentative AND showed on my iPhone as a grayed placeholder and the meeting invite was deleted from iPhone "invitations". Interesting, huh?

    - Also created individuals meetings with people in other timezones and some show up, some do not. It's just plain bizarre. Reviewed all possible appointment settings in Outlook and the only similarity is TIME ZONE. ??

    I really need my calendar when I'm traveling. This is a showstopper for the iPhone. Wife, child have iPhone 4s, but... I need my calendar. Can make money without it.
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    I have the same issue. Help! I've tried everything. Odd thing is phone is correct but desktop client is not showing calendar items. I'm using exchange and webmail and citrix calendars are correct. Just the desktop client is incorrect. Weird!
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    I have found a solution to this problem. I will admit I don't know what exactly fixed this but to those of you having trouble give this a try.

    First off I'm running in a Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 environment. A user of mine was having this problem and after an hour of work we got the account working. The fix was I went into Active Directory on our Domain Controller and found inconsistant case-types for the individuals name. For instance in some cases it was JOHN DOE, others were John Doe, and john doe. Now I was lucky in that I have other users that are not having this problem so I could compare their working accounts with John Doe's account that was not working. What I did that fixed it was went through every screen for their account and set their name to "John Doe" (capitolizing only the first and last initials only) Upon saving these changes and letting the changes propagate accross our other servers his iPhone 3G OS4.0.1. is now working.

    Give this a try guys and post your results please!