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My son who is 12, thought it would be a good idea at the time to download and install Cydia on his iPod touch.

Now he cannot delete it no matter what.

It is not an app per se but a kind of program that looks like one the apps that came with the iPod.

Can anyone give me advice on how to delete it?


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  • hayds95 Level 1 (15 points)
    He didn't download Cydia, he jailbroke his iPod to enable third party applications i.e Non-Apple Authorized. The only way to get rid of it is to restore the device.
  • Paul131313 Level 1 (0 points)
    Great. I have an iPad and not an iPhone or iPod. I have seen this term “jailbreak” a lot. Can anyone explain what this means to me?

    What is it, how do you do it and why do you do it?

    When he restores his device will he lose any saved game information? He plays a lot of games.

    I am not pleased he did this especially if it is illegal. Jailbreak doesn’t sound to legal to me.

    12 year olds today can be pretty clever and sneaky. I am 51 and have no idea about these things.


  • hayds95 Level 1 (15 points)
    Do you mean that your iPad has been jailbroken or just your son's iPod Touch?

    Jailbreaking is a process that allows iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to run third-party unsigned code on their devices by unlocking the operating system and allowing the user root access. Once jailbroken, iPhone users are able to download many extensions and themes previously unavailable through the App Store via unofficial installers such as Cydia.

    for more information, see here:

    It is pretty much a customization tool which enables more freedom with your device, but it may void your Apple 12 month warranty as it does not comply with their software regulations and policies. Just make sure you restore to factory settings and it should be gone.

    Some features are illegal, such as installing apps which are available in the App Store for free via a separate source through Cydia.

    You can jailbreak a device simply by downloading a package, connecting your device and hitting 'Jailbreak' which would install whatever is in the description of the package.

    Back Up your device by right clicking your connected device in the left hand pane in iTunes and clicking Back Up.

    Then you can restore. No information should be lost, except Cydia and all things related to it.

    Kids are catching on these days!
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    My son’s iPod was jailbroken.

    First, thanks. You are right about kids, he’s in the gifted program in his school. I told him I do NOT approve of piracy. I despise it since I got into computers way back in 1982.

    Now, can anyone walk me through complete restoration or provide a link on how to do it?

    Since I have him only ever other weekend he has his PC he uses iTunes on at his house. Is there a way I can use my little netbook to set up an iTunes account with his name on it and restore it from there?

    Otherwise I’ll need complete restoration instructions.

    And, by the way, you have been VERY helpful to me and I appreciate it.
  • hayds95 Level 1 (15 points)
    You should be able to restore from your netbook without any extra hassles such as creating a new account. Just connect to iTunes, click on your device and hit Restore to Factory Settings under the Summary Tab.

    If it doesn't let you or you are experiencing any problems, (i've read your previous posts) use the same process that you did with your daughter's iPod i.e put it in Recovery Mode and then restore.

    Glad to help
  • Paul131313 Level 1 (0 points)
    Since there are no apps or music on my little netbook, and I am having to download and install iTunes on it, can I create an account with his login name and password?

    Won’t it erase everything as soon as I plug in his iPod?

    I thought I saw that with my daughter’s once. As soon as I plugged it in it asked to delete everything.

    Sorry, but I am confused about this. I would hate it if I tried this and he lost everything as I do not have access to his home PC he uses to sync his iPod.
  • hayds95 Level 1 (15 points)
    You sure can create an account, but I would wait to confirm with him that he has synced his iPod to his computer first and backed up his information. i'm not sure if a new account would make any difference to the situation?

    It will ask to erase all data and to sync with your library as soon as you plug it in, yes.
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    He just told me he synced it yesterday.

    So if I sync it to my netbook he will lose everything.

    So what do I have him do now?

    I would like to send him home with step by step instructions I can print out that he can follow to restore it and then reinstall his apps. I am still unclear on how this works.

    When someone hits restore doesn’t it reset to factory conditions?

    If so, where do the apps and music go?

    Do they just vanish? How would you reload all that stuff except that stupid jailbreak stuff?

    This is confusing me even worse. Sorry, I’m just a dad trying to help who doesn’t have these problems because I don’t do what he did.

    I have never had to restore my little music iPod, an older one or my iPad. I follow the rules.

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    He just brought up a good question.

    If we sync it here to the netbook it will lose everything. But when he syncs it to his PC at home will it sync all to this iPod except the Cydia program?
  • hayds95 Level 1 (15 points)
    Ok, not to worry

    All contents on his iPod (like your iPad) are stored on a computer. The device will be wiped, but he can put everything back on from his iTunes.

    The process is actually quite simple. If he is performing the restore from his computer (containing his files for his device), he can just back up the device and click restore.

    Once the process is finished, it will ask if you want to *restore from the previous back up* or set up as a new iPod Touch.

    And that's it. I have included a link to Apple Support's advice and step-by-step instructions when restoring iPod Touch/iPhone etc.

    go down to the "Restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch" arrow in blue.
  • hayds95 Level 1 (15 points)
    And he is correct regarding the new question. Cydia is installed to the iPod itself and does not affect his iTunes library.
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    Thank you for that link.

    This is what we have done so far:

    Downloaded the latest version of iTunes onto my netbook.
    Found a “transfer purchases from Derek’s iPod”
    Clicked on that and it is transferring all his stuff. Including that wretched Cydia.
    So when it is done then can we click restore and then what do we do?
  • Paul131313 Level 1 (0 points)
    Gotta go out for a bit. Be back soon and thank you all VERY much. I would like to do this at my house and lose that Cydia thing.

    I have never seen such helpful people. Very grateful.

    See you in a little while.
  • hayds95 Level 1 (15 points)
    Transferring his purchases doesn't really matter if he's going to sync it back to his PC. And Cydia will not actually be transferred as it is not authorized by Apple, nor is it an application but more of an 'Add-on' for the device.

    Yes, you can restore. It may ask you if you would like to back up the device, but seeming as he synced it yesterday it doesn't really matter. And once restored, just set up as a new iPod as it may be a quicker process and as his data is stored on his computer, he is only going to sync it back anyway.

    Cydia goes out with the restore.
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