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I have had my iPod Touch 3rd Gen (32gb) for 8 months, but the following problem started to occur at 6 months.

The touch screen won't register 2 points of contact at once. Pinching and zooming etc. is fine, but specifically in apps such as Tap Tap Revenge 3, when 'Two taps at once' appear, neither of them register and they just miss.
This is not just a problem with Tap Tap, as I have other apps requiring 2 points of contact at once which have the same problem.

Last month I visited a Apple Genius who did not have any experience with Tap Tap at all, and called someone else out to test my Multi-Touch. That person played with one hand, meaning that their finger was not touching the screen at exactly the same time as the other finger.

I was sent home unsatisfied with no resolution and was told that i have another 6 months of warranty remaining so if any other major problems occur, I would have that insurance.

Anyone else with this problem and if applicable has Apple offered a resolution?

Many Thanks

iPod Touch 3rd Gen, iOS 4