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Hi I have synced my iphone with a different laptop and it has deleted apps that i have paid for. How do i get them back? I had to sync with my old laptop as my current one upgraded to the latest itunes and now wont sync with my phone!
Please help.

Fujitsu, Windows XP
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    And you were provided a warning message this would occur and you did so anyway?

    In regards to iTunes content, an iPhone can be synced with an iTunes library on a single computer only, and photos can be transferred from a single computer only. When transferring iTunes content and photos from another computer, all iTunes content and photos that were transferred from a different computer will be erased from the iPhone first with a warning message provided indicating this will occur along with having to manually select OK to proceed.

    You can re-download 3rd party apps and you won't be charged again for a purchased app as long as you use the same iTunes account to re-download the app that was used to purchase the app originally.
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    Yes I did so as it didnt state it would delete all apps, it only stated it would delete some, the ones it stated did not include paid ones. I dont understand why you would comment with such sarcasm as these forums are set up to help people not hinder them.
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    Sorry, but the warning message provided when syncing an iPhone with an iTunes library on a different computer than normal is the iPhone has been synced with an iTunes library on a different computer and if you proceed with syncing any iTunes content on the computer, ALL iTunes content on the iPhone will be erased first, not just some iTunes content or a list of apps that will be deleted. Regardless, when you see delete even for some data, you should cancel until you understand the consequences.

    I have not "hindered" you in any way whatsoever, and I have helped you with the answer why this occurred, do not ingore such warning messages in the future or don't proceed with a warning message unless understood, and how to recover the apps.
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    Almost the same thing happened to me, except was in the process of transferring new App purchases from my iPod touch to my new MBP. I authorized my iTunes account on the computer, connected the iPod, it said approximately "There are applications present on this iPod that are not present in iTunes, would you like to transfer them?", it screwed up partway, then the next time I connected it it didn't give me the option, though the apps didn't exist on my HDD or on my iPod. Very frustrating, I had 2.3 million points in TIlt-to-Live!
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    Well, you're wrong about ALL the iTunes apps being deleted. This just happened to me (although I have a backup elsewhere, thank God) and the sync deleted SOME of my purchased apps but not others. And I agree you were a bit too harsh on the OP. It's disappointing to see people with a lot of posts let their forum "rep" go to their head. The messages you get with iTunes need to be clearer.