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itunes store will not open either when i click on the link inside my itunes or if i search for the website directly on the internet. i get no problem message. i just downloaded the lastest version of itunes. i don't know if that's what caused this. i tried to download it again & it made no difference.

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    yeah same thing happend to me too I've restarted and rebooted about 5,000 times already I got somelike unkown error has occured (111222) or some number like that whats going on? and how can I fix it?
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    I just came on here to post pretty much exactly what you did. I just finally upgraded from 8.2 to 9.2 but can't access the store, and when I try it says something about network connecting. I've checked firewall and windows etc. aren't blocking itunes and they aren't, I can access the radio fine, just the store.

    I also got the error 11222 earlier as well.
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    yeah the same thing has been happening to me for the last couple of weeks. i looked at my firewall and everything and it says itunes is fine but it still won't let me in. its the same error code the others have.
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    I received a new Ipod touch for my birthday and had to download the latest version of iTunes as requested by iTunes. Now I am unable to access the iStore through iTunes, the message reads Network timed out. I have tried uninstalling and installing with and without firewalls, and searched the internet for solutions - tried and failed to overcome the problem. I spoke to the Apple store who suggested "Authorising the Computer" which made no difference. IS THERE a problem with the new version of iTunes?

    Now awaiting an answer from Apple help.
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    I have the same thing happening and its being going on for more than a week. I'm about feed up. When I plug my iPhone into my laptop, I can't get into itunes store at all. As soon as I click itunes store it says:
    itunes could not connect to itunes store. The network connection timed out. and then under that it says: Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, and then try again.

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    I have the same problem. Nothing that the help pages suggest is working. We need apple to help on this issue.
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    I've been having this same problem for a week. Would LOVE to spend some CASH, but unable to get in the door of the iTunes Store. I've run the diagnostic test, removed the router and established an online connection directly through the modem, and flushed the dns as instructed. Have tried this with and without Windows firewall. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the newest version of iTunes. Have done a system restore to a date prior to the last date I was successful in logging into the iTunes Store.

    How do these discussion threads work? Is there reason to hope that somebody from Apple will be responding?
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    FWIW, I've uninstalled then reinstalled my router software and reconnected the router into the system. However, the install wizard informed me that an internet connection could not be established. Following instructions to disconnect the modem's power then reconnecting does not change anything. Interestingly, I can still access the internet with the router as a part of the system (as I am typing on this very PC). I am unable to connect to the internet through this router when using wireless devices (laptop, iPod). With iTunes Store and now the router SAYING a connection can not be made, one now suspects this may not necessarily be an iTunes problem...

    Hopeful for some suggestions--thanks!

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    Yes. this has happened to me as well. Suddenly, cannot connect to iTunes store. says the network connection is timed out. Also, itunes doesn't let me sign in my my Apple Id either. I know it still works because I used it to sign into this forum.

    Is Apple having a "glitch" with the iTunes store??!
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    Actually I got the same problem too but then i find out it is my avg who screwing this,so i juz disable my link scanner and resident shield!
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    We haven't been able to open the itunes store for a couple of weeks. It says itunes has stopped working and then closes itunes. We have tried all the solutions that are available in the support area: security settings, downloading updated version, reinstalling. Noting seems to be making a difference. I hope Apple have a solution soon.
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    I get the 'timed out' connection error message too. Tried various options suggested by itunes but not solving the problem. Please help Apple.....I have lots of tunes I want to buy, and the list is growing!
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    Hey, I've had this problem too. I've just fixed it though
    I would explain but I made it into a video for youtube.

    Hope this helps - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4XY9SZXizY

    This is not spam or rick roll'd or anything.
    I promise, I just made this account so I could post on this support forum.
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    Nickw73: You are AWESOME! Thanks for your help. I had a little more of a mess than I thought I would have in getting the Norton removed, but once I did, I'm back on the iTunes store, and a few other connectivity problems I was having are all gone! Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions. I've never been to Essex, but were I there now, I'd buy you a pint!