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I've had my new iPhone 4 for over a week, i'm on my second phone already. I noticed that the WIFI connection would not work properly; even when connected, it access the internet from the 3G network (slowly) and not my wireless router. I restored the phone and still the same problem. I know it's not a problem from my connection as my computers and old 3GS work perfectly.
So I took the phone to the store and they exchanged it right away.
Lo and behold, my newer iPhone 4 has the SAME EXACT PROBLEM. Is this another flaw? Is anyone else experiencing this? I searched on twitter and some people posted about the same thing.

I'm very disappointed with this new phone, as much as I love FT and its display, the antennae and proximity sensor issues are more than enough. Now a WIFI issue as well?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


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